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lublin vs. katowice

Thread: lublin vs. katowice

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  1. RUSYN85 said:

    lublin vs. katowice

    could anyone tell me which school is better? what about the cities?..which 1 is more active?..better night life?
  2. notatumor said:
    Katowice is a lot bigger than Lublin, but Lublin is a lot cleaner and has a smaller community environment compared to Ktw. I would wiki Katowice to get an idea of its size. You stay in an are called Ligota and one big difference is that cab rides everywhere cost more since you're covering more ground in Ktw. That starts to add up quick unless you don't mind waiting for public transportation or wait until other people need to take the cab.
  3. Jagódka's Avatar

    Jagódka said:
    I'm thinking about applying for Spring 2015 (4 year program), can someone give me more info about why they chose one over the other?
  4. Rubicon Crossed said:
    Katowice is much bigger. It has very easy access to the airport which you can cheaply fly to most places in Europe you'd want to fly to. Also it's located very close to Krakow whose airport you can fly out of and taxis will take you directly from Katowice to krakow's airport. As far as getting around, there's a very well connected system of buses and trams that will get you everywhere you'd like to go for $25 per month as a student. Taxis of course can add up, but very reasonable if you use them to go out on weekends. Lublin on the other hand has only one small airport that just opened and the biggest city is Warsaw which is about 2 hours' bus ride. Warsaw is 3 hours train ride from Katowice if you need to go there although most people never need to.

    Downside to Kato is that it doesn't have much of a college city feel, which Lublin does. It's the equivalent of a commuter school in the US, where most people are largely independent. You can make it more collegial but it takes effort. Kato is perfect if you're an older student also.
  5. Jagódka's Avatar

    Jagódka said:
    I thought the decision to choose between Silesia and Lublin would be difficult, but then I heard that Katowice has 12 Sephoras and Lublin has only 3! Silesia here I come! What about the curriculum, professors, and so forth?
  6. Saddy said:
    On the same boat here...Although my reasons are a bit different.
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