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Entrance exam for the 4 year MD program

Thread: Entrance exam for the 4 year MD program

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  1. UserMe said:

    Angry Entrance exam for the 4 year MD program

    Hi guys,

    I am planning to apply to all the universities that offer the 4 year MD programme (aka the American program). I emailed the university to ask about the entrance exam and they said that it is on their website - I cannot find it? Has anybody passed through this stage, any experiences you'd like to share? Question topics etc?

    I am not a US citizen thus I don't need to take the MCAT *thank God* but worries about the entrance exams of the universities I am applying to.

  2. hmi.poland's Avatar

    hmi.poland said:
    Hi there UserME,
    There isn't an entrance exams and the process is rather simple for non-US citizen. Please call us or email to learn more about the admission process. If you call you can ask to speak with Ms. Beatriz Salazar or Mr Arun Achary
    Hope Medical Institute
    Hope Center
    11835 Rock Landing Drive, 2nd Floor
    Newport News, Virginia 23606

    Phone: (757) 873-3333
    Fax: (757)
  3. Chris_ said:
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  4. Costa said:
    The entrance exam is basically an interview where you meet the Vice dean and a representative from the English programme. They will ask you questions from any two of the following: biology, chemistry, physics. You get to choose which one the two you prefer to be questioned on days before the interview.

    From my experience, if you studied A levels in the UK then it's basic stuff.
  5. James_23 said:
    User can't play nice.
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  6. James_23 said:
    User can't play nice.
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  7. Rubicon Crossed said:
    James_23...You my friend are speaking the truth. The first portion of your post is the truth and nothing but he truth so help you God.

    The second part sounds a bit like a broken record, but considering your other posts, this is quite an improvement.

    You see? Two can disagree and still give credit where credit is due.
  8. Sarahsarah said:
    Hey guys! I am applying to medical university of silesia and I wonder if anyone has done the entrance exam? Was it difficult? What should one focus on?
    Thanks in advance.
  9. Rubicon Crossed said:
    The answer is NO. You're after all getting a degree from poland and you need to have lived there at least one semester. The reason for this is that it does not matter that you've taken all the courses to sit for the USMLE. What matters is that you need to have taken all their courses. The program is a little bit different from Caribbean schools. Furthermore HMI really has no say when it comes to basic sciences. That is all up to the school and even then it is up to the individual professors who will sign for your classes. My suggestion is you talk to HMI and they will help you see if they can convince the Deans office at the school for you to take all the courses that you're missing ( and you are guaranteed to be missing some courses, just take my word for it) and take them in one semester. They'll probably be environmental health and first aid and Polish (yes you need 3 semesters of it...which you could ask to take in one semester). If you ask properly they will help you. If you go there demanding stuff, chancing are they won't. Best of luck.
  10. zg1982 said:

    4 year

    Hi , Can someone answer my questions here ?

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