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MUS- disappointing

Thread: MUS- disappointing

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  1. Chris_ said:

    MUS- disappointing

    I was a previous student at the Institute through HMI. I would caution parents sending students to study at MUS as well as students attending this medical school.
    Over the years, students have not been doing well on STEP or through their studies. Many of my Indian and Swedish friends have gone over, some have graduated and some are just beginning their studies. They are very disappointed with the system and procedures. There parents are even more horrified.

    The educational system is not at a good level. It is a very self-study type of school with no preparation for the board exams.

    I studied previous to MUS at the Caribbean St. George Campus and would highly recommend students going to St. George vs. attending MUS.

    Many students, as I have read through previous posts, are "doomed".

    I started at the 1st of 6 year program and am hearing terrible stories from students who are currently attending.

    Please do alot of research
  2. hmi.poland's Avatar

    hmi.poland said:
    It is very Sad that you have had bad experience with HMI and MUS. We know every year most of eligible students from HMI and MUS secure desired residencies and placements all around the world including USA and Canada, doing very good in their career. There is no comparison of MUS with any Caribbean Med School. MUS is a Public Medical University, Has its own hospitals on campus, ample research opportunity for interested students and this list may go on....Please let prospective and innocent students know that it is an individuals' efforts as well as good school's back up make medical school journey successful. HMI and MUS provides all the necessary tools to have the world class education in Poland and US clinical rotations. MUS is an European Medical University and teach her students to become a General physician, it is not a prep class institute which just prepare students for one exam only.... USMLE exams are nothing but part of General Medical studies. HMI and MUS never says that we prepare for USMLE however proudly says that we prepare you today for tomorrows' world.
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  3. James_23 said:
    Chris, I got a question man? Why you speaking the truth? HMI will banish and excommunicate you from this board for speaking the truth. You are committing "blasphemy" by giving an honest fact about the school. Don't do it Chris, Don't do it! Don't tell the students the truth. I'll be shock if Chris is still on this board. HMI got him banned already!
  4. James_23 said:
    HMI: I won't argue with you. Arguing with you is like arguing with dinning room table! Dinning room table is someone who cannot be reasoned with, especially when confronted with facts. However, I'm glad you made my day by your "facts" in your response to Chris. Thanks for the laughs for these comments in your response

    1."sad that you have a bad experience with HMI and MUS":

    Response: Come on man! Everyone have bad experience with HMI and SUM (yes SUM, it's "sad" you represent the school yet you don't even know the acronym for the school). Even a crackhead and brainless animals won't associate the word "good" with HMI and SUM (yes SUM not MUS). HMI and SUM are synonyms of "SAD"

    2. Secure desire residencies and placement in US":

    Response: Ok you've had students who have had residencies. So is a crackhead on Pluto who has establish a program since 1995 to send students to Jupiter or Ur-a-nus! Your last two great students ended up with residencies in someone's clinic (Queens and Kingston NY)

    3. No comparison between SUM and Caribbean schools:

    Response: You got that right! No darn comparison! Just pass me whatever ganja you smoking becos you are high to to even compare SUM low standards to Caribbean schools (more oriented towards US education system)

    4. Has it own public hospitals:

    Response: Einsteins, every public medical Institution has it own hospitals. All polish schools are public and their hospital system is public. You forgot to tell them that US and Canadian students who are not EU citizens cannot have rotations or practices in the good facilities (if they happen to exist)! Tell them about this restrictions at the so call "public hospitals of SUM"

    5. Research opportunities?

    Response: from whom, where, what department? What are the current projects of your students at SUM? The school is a research Institution just like every public school in Poland and Europe. It doesn't mean your students are allowed to do research. In the polish system, you need points before you can do research and your students have none! Polish students do research not your students! There are restrictions/rules/protocols for doing research in Poland and that does not include your students.

    6. Individual effort:

    Response: Best thing you said in your response. However, you forgot to add that the students you send there are Z students and your teachers don't care. Come on man. at SUM, WE BUY THE DIPLOMA! So why the effort when you can just BUY THE DIPLOMA? Even your vice rector tells students to "come to SUM and spend their money"! Everyone knows WE BUY THE DIPLOMA at SUM: Teachers, faculty, doctors, administration, Deans office, Polish students, Citizens of Poland.

    7. World class education?

    Response: Seriously? You really said that with a straight face? Please tell me that is a joke! I won't even go into this. WORLD CLASS! gtfooh

    8. US clinical rotations:

    Response: Don't kid yourself. Not all your students get a chance to do clinical rotations in US! only about 5%, the rest stay in Poland for a 30 mins rotation each day

    9. Teach her student to become a General Physician?:
    Response: did you really include "teach" in that sentence? "teach"? as in "teaching?" which class and which department? The only General physician is Sham Cader (your managing director), who was only taught to prescribe amoxicillin for all conditions. Amoxicillin is a panacea for all! Yet all that amoxicillin doesn't even help his halitosis.

    10. "it is not a prep class Institute":

    Response: The real men of genius at HMI. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a million dollar statement right there! with how your school (SUM and Lublin) "teaches", yes i repeated your "TEACH" comment, you need a zillion lifetimes to have a prep class for passing board exams. Let me guess, you are too cheap for that! Of course, it is not a prep class Institute. Why else your students fail all the time on USMLE and are giving up their dreams of practicing in US and Canada!

    11. "USMLE exams are nothing but part of General Medical Studies":

    Response: Exactly! I actually give you points for this statement! Bravo! Bravo! The cells in your brains just twitched once and died again! If they are nothing but part of general medical studies and your teachers "don't teach" and suck at general medical "teaching", how else do you expect performance on USMLE exams?
    12. proudly say that we prepare you today for tomorrow's world:
    Response: Talk is cheap mofos! Did i read prepare? Prepare? tomorrow's world for what?
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