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Characteristics of Silesia

Thread: Characteristics of Silesia

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  1. ukstuMD said:

    Exclamation Characteristics of Silesia

    Hello Everyone.

    I hope everyone is doing well. I am writing this post in response to varying degrees of negativity that a select few have voiced towards MUS, including teaching practises and student behaviour. A little background, I currently am a British student who just finished the 2nd year of the 4 year MD program, and was part of the students government for the last two years. MUS isn't a grade A school that is comparable to harvard or cambridge, but it sure does poland justice as it is one of the largest medical schools in poland. Not only this, reading one persons view isn't ideal as a coin always has two sides. Read everything, enquire yourself with other students and then make an informed decision about whether to come to MUS or not. Don't rely on hare say.

    School Website: smk[.]sum[.]edu[.]pl

    Student Government: Facebook --> musedSGA
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  2. James_23 said:
    You forgot to tell them that you are a DJ at clubs in Katowice. Are you a medical student or you are a DJ! I have attended your brown sugar events at Kwadraty and lemoniada. You are a good DJ though. I know you want more students there so they can attend your brown sugar parties! At least you make money LOL
  3. ukstuMD said:

    I didn't forget to tell anyone about me DJ'ing in Poland. In reality I only started Brownsugar in Poland as a hobby - a vice to occasionally get away from the stress of studying so much. So in fact I am a Med Student...Brownsugar is one of a few brands that my company owns and has been organizing it for almost 7-8 years now; which I started when I went to university in the UK many, many years ago. Since then we have expanded it drastically not only in major UK cities, but also in two other European cities namely Paris and Berlin. As for the money, I don't particularly want to sound rude or arrogant but Poland isn't really a place where you can make money easily and I have no interest in making any from other students. My real intention was to just have fun whilst targeting it for locals rather than students. So i don't particularly 'need' more students to come, just people in general
  4. James_23 said:
    Thanks for telling them you are a DJ! I appreciate that honesty. However, I think you misspoke by saying "stress of studying". Come on man, there is no such thing as STRESS in Silesia. No one studies at Silesia. We all know that! There are backtest to use on exams and you can always see the vice rector to pass you.
  5. ukstuMD said:
    I didn't make any error. Although the environment maybe as you described it, it sure isn't like that for me as I don't particularly want to graduate and end up killing someone. So the things that I do study in fact present me with noticeable stress, not all the time but when its crunch time! But then again it does take me longer to learn the same information as others (from past experience).
  6. Chris_ said:
    Ishmail, I am curious, Please let me know how you schedule your time amongst your business, DJing, hosting events, partying at various "hot spots" and studying harder than the average student as you have lead on to believe... It's fascinating because as a Medical Student, a United Kingdom citizen infact, should your time not be spent researching or doing other science, medical related activities??

    I did a year of my rotations in the UK, outside of London... and found that students have no time to shower, yet alone DJ.
    I do think James is correct in stating that tests are back tests and that studying is out of the question.
  7. Chris_ said:
    I have gone to the MUS group and read alot of arguing and complaints regarding the student government and its voting, decision making, etc., I am also aware that when you were part of the government how did money happen to go missing, and why are the same members not part of the team anymore?

    What is this saying about the student body? Usually students are reelected for doing a superb job...
  8. ukstuMD said:
    Before I respond to anything, I have to make it known that this conversation has heavily drifted away from the initial topic/subject. It seems now that this conversation is becoming more targeted in its approach and direction...just a thought.


    It called hiring competent staff who know what they should be doing and getting paid well manage other staff. Chain of hierarchy! Thats how a business usually works. If your good at it, it means the business usually runs itself.

    And since your cherry picking items from my post, I never said I worked harder than an average student. I said that it takes me a lot more time to learn the same information as other students which I get stressed from. I also did pre-med in the UK for 2 years…and i don’t know what kind of image you have of “UK Medical Students’ but its no where near to what you described. You think MUS is bad…hell no! Getting smashed out your face 3 nights in a row from a thursday onward, every week, totally hanging in ER, surgical rotations…thats only the tip of the iceberg. Nothing is what it seems sonny!

    Additionally being a UK citizen doesn’t really have anything to do with…actually anything! I would know…and personally who are you to advice me on what I should be doing since you don’t know what I have already done or have been doing. This music stuff is only a small chunk of my activities.

    As for your student government remark, we weren’t involved in voting or its planning. A special committee of volunteers were given this task. So I suggest you directly ask them if there are any concerns. As for money going missing…money does usually disappear when its stolen…and since this seems like your pointing the finger at me…I must say that my role never had anything to do with money. Not my area of expertise or responsibility. As for the same members not staying, its democracy! People choose. In reality a lot of the things that were done by the government were not something you could see, more of regulation changes etc. Again not my area to comment. Interestingly, the new government did ask me to re-join their ranks in my previous capacity but I declined their offer as I have other things to press on with.
  9. Costa said:
    Right I'm not gona take much of my time and anybody else's time to explain a few things and in particular something James said.

    First of all I have successfully completed my first year of the 4 year MD course in Silesia and I have to be honest with you Chris because you seem to be interested in the school. Yes it's true we have back tests but that's not the case because some subjects don't even have backtests, so whoever said you can pass the whole degree with backtest is wrong. Those back tests are meant to be there to help us test ourselves when we finish revision, just like in high school, A levels and uk schools, they give us old tests so we can study from, but unfortunately some people misuse the backtests and use them purely to study.

    At the end of the day James is complaining about them because maybe he completed his current year of study fully on backtests and other methods of cheating, but does that mean he will be a good Dr? Of course NO, because he doesn't know his material. I speak for myself, and I am proud of what I have accomplished in my first year and I will try and do even better next year, because at the end of the day I am not paying the tuition fees to become a fake doctor, I don't wana be a doctor who will have patients dying in his hands, I wana give it all I can to help my patients, and the main way of doing so is by knowing your stuff. Study hard and use old tests as a way of testing your knowledge.

    Also if you were about to study for UKCAT or BMAT or GAMSAT, are you not gona use old tests and practice questions? of course you will, because it will help you get an idea of the exam and what you should expect, because the only reason I didn't get into a UK med school is because I lost out my place by 3 MARKS, 3 MARKS and I wish I wish I used more and more previous A2 biology papers.

    You wana be a Doctor then you know that it's not an easy job, and you have to put your head down, yes there are back tests and yes there are books and notes, but it's all down to your hands to make a decision in which way you study, a combination of all which will guarantee to make you understand and pass the subject better or just one of them that will probably make you pass but never understand it properly.

    I am here to answer your questions, don't listen to what one or two people say. Listen to a few then make a decision, and believe me you go to Medical school to become a doctor not a joker. With all respect to every student in Silesia, you'll find out that the majority of the drop outs, failure are American students and that's because they don't pay a penny, they have everything done through the federal loans so they don't care, but European students pay from their pocket to be there so they worked hard.

    Good luck with everything Chris.

    And James, don't hide your identity behind a fake name, i am sure that I will know who you are and which group of student you fall with. And i am sure that you fall with the back tests students. So don't go on complaining about something you used and maybe still currently using.

    Enough said
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  10. James_23 said:

    How old are you? You just completed first of 4 and you think you know more than students have who been there longer? What classes did you take in 1/4? Anatomy? Biophysics? Histology? and what else? The Biophysics test is not even a physics exam. It's an English exam! Just read over the notes and you are good because it's word for word! Word for word exam is STILL BACKTEST! Too immature and young to know that? Anatomy? You have easy teachers now! You never had Renata but you have Sham Cader. Tomasz is a smart guy but he's also very lenient! Heck, they are waiving students out of the final exam in your class even with below C average. Ask the previous class before you! Half of the entire class were waived out of the Final exam! STFU KID! STFU! Histology? Every one passes histology! No one fails histology. However, you look at it, during the last retake, almost every question is a repeat and so it counts as backtest. First aid? I mean what class is difficult in 1/4? what is the passing mark?

    I'm 100% positive you never missed your exam by 3 points! With how you came across you must have missed it by 100 points or else you'll not end up in Silesia. Go read about Rankings of Polish Schools and tell me where Silesia Ranks! Changing the question from what is the longest bone in the body to what is the shortest bone in the body is still backtest! Your brain hasn't matured enough to understand that changing one word still makes it backtest! You are one of those Kids with mouths and No Brains!
    I realized you don't know what you talking about! I THINK YOU ARE REALLY A KID TO EVEN SUGGEST YOU USE BACKTEST FOR YOUR UK exams! To actually defend the American kids, they CAN'T use Backtest for their USMLE so i guess you need to stfu cuz you have no idea what you are talking about. The American kids who dropouts are actually doctors in the UK! All the AMERICA kids who won't or can't make it in the US are in UK practicing! UK? A UK student here is a DJ! Another one failed anatomy and the parents had to go see the Dean to pass him. Do you know how many students from this year's class who can't make it in America got accepted to the UK? How many Arabs, Africans, Taiwanese students? You are just a newbie who just happen to PASS 1/4. You pass 1/4 and you know what you talking about? 1/4? Another 12 year old boy still wearing Diapers! Go get some breast milk from your mother and maybe you will get some passive immunity to mature your Brain!
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