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Any Current Student at MUS from HMI??

Thread: Any Current Student at MUS from HMI??

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  1. VickPower said:

    Any Current Student at MUS from HMI??

    I was wondering if a current student can help answer a question or two about MUS that have gone through HMI process and are from the US.
    As stated on the HMI website, nothing is guaranteed, meaning there is no guarantee if a US citizen will be able to do clinical rotations in the US for the years 3 and 4, although the school is approved for FAFSA, there is no guarantee a student will be able to receive federal loan and so on.

    I would like to know if there is a current student that have received federal loans and was able to finish clinical rotations in the US?

    Please help. Thank you!
  2. hmilie said:
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  3. VickPower said:
    Thank you for replying back, hmilie. Are you a current student or were a student at the university? Thanks.
  4. Rubicon Crossed said:
    Hey, I understand you are worried since they say that nothing is guaranteed on pretty much every page of their agreement. Nevertheless, I as many other students are completing all our clinical rotations in the USA and also taking out loans. The problem is that loans take so long to be processed, so you need some back up money while you're waiting, but they'll wait until the money comes for their tuition. Clinicals for HMI kids are pretty easy to get since there aren't that many of us, but the downside is that there are only two hospitals in New York City and the rest are in Chicago. Nevertheless, they're not bad. There are many HMI kids doing rotations and taking out loans. The issue is none of them take the time to write on here and those who do write are usually the ones who are pissed off, so it's usually fire and brimstone.
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