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Medical University Of Warsaw

Thread: Medical University Of Warsaw

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  1. matimd said:

    Medical University Of Warsaw

    Hey Guys,

    I am a student here at the medical school in warsaw and I am part of the english division student government. If you guys have questions or need more answers let me know.
  2. thetrixster said:
    do warsaw run a 4yr MD porgramme?
    if so, how long has it been running?

  3. matimd said:


    Hey there seb,

    The warsaw 4 year program has been around for about 4 years now. This year they are going to have their first graduating class. The six year program has been present here for about 6 or 7 years.
  4. senz_asian said:
    Hey Matimd .... can u post some pictures of Warsaw Medical Academy here ... like histo lab, anatomy lab or clinical skill lab ..

    thanks !!!
  5. matimd said:
    Hey there,

    Actually I am working on an unofficial student information website. I will have stuff on there like city life and so forth. Though it is hard to find time inbetween books for this. Though it will happen soon.

    Here is a link to our years website that we use to get our information and slides for class.

    Once my site is operational I will post the adress here.
  6. matimd said:
    Hey Guys,

    It's me again. Well here is the adress to the website that me and the students are putting together about the Warsaw program. Remember that this is an un-official site, so this websites represents the students opinions about the school. The website will have more and more content on it as it becomes available. All the best

  7. harhar said:
    Hey there,

    I had browse thru your web site and the city of Warsaw is beautiful. I'm interested in the 6 yr program b/c I haven't recieve my degree yet. Perhaps you can tell me more about the 6 year program. Or do you only hang out w/ people w/i your 4 yr program?
  8. matimd said:
    Hey, well the six year program is more relaxed then the four year program. Which is nice because it gives you more time to study for the important classes. Me on the other hand have little time to study. The first year you will core classes like anatomy, histology, chemistry, physics. Then you will have minor classes like first aid, medical ethics and a couple more. Most of the people in the six year program come from Norway or Sweden. About 70%. The other 30% are from the US, Canada, and England. I think the six years also bond more then the 4 years because they have more time for it. I am waiting for some 6 year students to write some class reviews for the website. Once I get it I will post it. So check the website from time to time. There will also be a couple of contacts added from the six year program so you can email them directly. Hope this helps. All the best
  9. Neuro2006 said:


    I also attend the Medical University of Warsaw (from the USA) and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I am a 1st year student of the 4-year program and so my experience is somewhat limited at this point. However, I am very willing share my experiences as a first year medical student from a non-Polish background (the good and the bad). :-)
  10. thetrixster said:
    hi guys,
    cud you tell me more about the student accomodation?
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