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Simple micro question

Thread: Simple micro question

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  1. Unregistered1 said:

    Question Simple micro question


    I know this may seem like an easy question but the 'correct answer' that kaplan gave doesn't seem correct to me. Maybe there was a typo in the book. Please verify.

    A 4 year old boy develops several honey crusted lesions behind his ears and on his face, The simplest test for the physician to determine the genus of bacteria responsible for this child's illness is the:

    a.) Catalase test
    b.) Coagulase test
    c.) hemolysis pattern on blood agar
    d.) growth of the organism in 6.5% sodium chloride
    e.) polymerase chain reaction
  2. Anasouma said:
    i think the response is e
  3. cleverpseudonym said:
    What hospital do you think would make PCR available for impetigo?????
    Impetigo is caused by staph and strep so to diff them do a Catalase test. if it's staph then do caog and if it's strep do haemolysis.
  4. Dr. X's Avatar

    Dr. X said:
    theres another thread for this same q. what one considers a simple q. may not be of the same caliber to another.
  5. student-2's Avatar

    student-2 said:
    Catalase- look at the algorythm in FA
    Catalase differs b/w staph and strep and coagulase b/w spp. of staph.
    theoretically pcr would be good but irrelevant clinically
  6. drnims007 said:


    i think ans should be A...coz theory is imp for understanding......but in real world v hv to go as per facilities available...whether PCR is more sensitive as per theory but thats costly n not availabe every this child's age n symptom shows impetigo......catalase test shulb done to differenciate stap or strept......
  7. angjr said:

    The simplest test for the physician

    The simplest test for the MD, that's what the question is asking. Catalase is the answer. You know that if it is negative, you don't have to deal with a MRSA.
  8. jfcarod said:
    catalase will be performed in the lab not in the physician desk... the MCQ is inappropriate; PCR will never be used for the purpose , too much sophisticated, by the way well done ! good share ! by the way shall you need any help in microbio or immunology, you can write me to jfcarod at yahoo dot es, I teached microbio I also have a skype aacount: jfcarod and have some times to help students.
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