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Favorite supplements

Thread: Favorite supplements

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  1. mongo18's Avatar

    mongo18 said:

    Favorite supplements

    Just curious...What are your favorite supplements (generally speaking). What supplements do you think are good for certain ailments. What supplements will keep you healthy? Etc....

    Be good. If you can't be good, be careful. If you can't be careful...Name it after me.
  2. firstdonoharm said:

    Favorite Supplements

    Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For instance....if you have hypoglycemic tendencies.....which inevitably many suffer from as students, interns etc....then you must have zinc and chromium daily. Chromium alone will also curb any cravings you may have......squash all the study munchies instantly!!! It really works! Many diabetics can enhance their insulin sensitivity simply by taking chromium. It really does work!!!!!

    To maintain a sense of calmness it is important to have adequate intake of magnesium.....yes take calcium but you actually need much more magnesium than any other mineral in the body. Did you know the heart requires 18 times more Mg than any other tissue in the body???

    As for stress.....use Mg, a vit B complex...but use capsules and NOT tablets. Also take extra vit B6 (pyridoxine) and B5 (pantothenic acid). Actually, to support adrenal fatigue you must have lots of B5 and Vitamin C. The adrenals will purr!!! What med student won't be suffering adrenal exhaustion, or at the very least adrenal fatigue? of THE most important supplements to take while in the Caribbean is Acidophilus....the good bacteria. It will save you and your intestines. You just have to trust me on this one!!!! It has tremendous benefit for so many systems of the body. One of which is the immune system.

    If you are wanting more energy and vit B isn't quite cutting it, then stock up on Green's products such as Green's plus. It is pure adrenal pumping energy to take u to them moon and back. If you were to wake up late and didn't have time for breakfast but you had some Green's, you would feel 100% fine! Keep some on hand while doing clinicals. It will save you a $ $ more times than u can imagine!

    A general multi-vitamin is fine. But always take the one without iron. Iron on the inside of the body is like rust. It is a free radical. You do not need this form of iron to get your blood pumping!

    One of my fav's is EFA's=essential fatty acids...and the best are fish oil and flax oil. They help support cell membrane integrity.

    And for all the women on BCP's......please remember that the Pill will rob u of all our B vitamins and Zinc. So take plenty of both....especially B6. You will thank me in years to come!

    Well....that just about sums it up.

    How did you like my suggestions?
  3. stookie said:
    Flintstone kids. I like the Fred shaped one.
  4. cookie427's Avatar

    cookie427 said:
    All good... fish oil is better than flax as the DHA(docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) need not to be converted and are potent mood enhancers.
    Careful with the Chromium as Cr 3 is the one you want, Cr6+ is neurotoxic and has been known to contaminate some less reputable brands.
    Taurine, an gama amino acid, is good for alertness and energy.
    I still think that vit E (400IU) is a good idea, but less is needed with higher vit C intake.
    a dr pericone makes a good argument for 5-HTP, about 50 mg/day.

    I like blue-green algae also.
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  5. firstdonoharm said:

    chromium and zinc

    Actually, chromium picolinate and zinc picolinate are the most bio-available and thus most highly absorbable by the body. True Chrom. 6 is not what u want unless u want Erin Brockovich on your a $ $......
  6. firstdonoharm said:


    My resources actually talk about 100mg as a basic dose. 50mg, BID
  7. 2cr8tive said:
    i'm not sure if i understood you right...but are you against iron supplements?

    and a general question...

    i was thinking of starting supplements...but ofcourse can't take all of them...what do you guys recommend...I'm F, with low iron and feel tired sometime...

  8. firstdonoharm said:

    Iron supp's and low energy

    First of all.....the typical iron supplements cause a type of tissue "rusting" internally if you take it. That is why so many multi-vitamins are not including elemental iron in their formulations. Especially for pregnant women.

    As for which type of iron to take safely? Well....I risk much by saying that I have seen wonders with homeopathic iron.... It is known as Ferrum Phosphoricum. I have witnessed it personally help several people with anemia. If anyone wants to know more about this then PM me!
  9. PRINCESS1 said:

    flax oil debate

    One of my fav's is EFA's=essential fatty acids...and the best are fish oil and flax oil. They help support cell membrane integrity.

    You know your NM well- I am curious if you have read the epidemiological studies indicating flax oil in continuous daily doses can be estrogenic and contribute to prostate/ breast cancer? Apparently there are only a few studies on this but they aren't great quality...
  10. cookie427's Avatar

    cookie427 said:


    If you donate blood...circumvents the iron toxicity issue for men. If you are a women with normal or greater menstral flow, no need to avoid iron.
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