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To old to go for ND?

Thread: To old to go for ND?

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  1. Lightheals said:

    To old to go for ND?

    I just turned 40. I have been interested in the ND degree since I was 30 but I owned a home and a business and had no time to pursue it. In the past years my business tanked due to the economy and I sold my home.

    Now I'm deciding what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. I can either go back into IT (which drained my soul) or pursue my lifelong passion of alternative medicine. I've been living and breathing naturopathy since I was a kid.

    I have a couple years to finish my BA so I would be 43 when I started and around 48 when I finished.

    Is this too old to start a career in the field?

    The way the future looks I will probably be working until I'm 80 so I may as well do something I love.
    On the other hand I have to think about survival.
    I have some savings but would have to take loans also.

    Any insights would be deeply appreciated.

  2. devildoc8404's Avatar

    devildoc8404 said:
    Not exactly the same thing, but a dear friend of mine (a DO) just matched into a psychiatry residency in his early 60's. I am an intern and I am in my mid-40's. Do it, or don't. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth the effort, considering the realities of naturopathic practice in the areas where you want to live. I would certainly talk with some NDs to see whether they would recommend that route. Personally, if I had your interests, I would consider getting a DO degree (vastly better marketability, more insurance acceptance, etc.) and then train and practice in a natural, holistic, and crunchy environment until I was 113... and then retire to Fiji.

    Just kidding about that last part, but not about the DO part. There are lots of very holistically-minded DOs out there, and based on what I have seen they do a heck of a lot better financially than most NDs... with more practice opportunities, as well. Good luck, Paul, whatever you decide to do.

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  3. Lightheals said:
    Thanks for the response and insight.
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