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Online Health Care Degree

Thread: Online Health Care Degree

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  1. jackward said:

    Online Health Care Degree

    I am looking for online accredited college. I intend to go for an online health care management degree. Is there any good online accredited college? So please let me know .
    Thanks in advance!
  2. simmpy said:

    Looking for online health care degree!

    Here is a list of online colleges Online Health Care degree Qualifying for High Growth Job Opportunities Feel free to request information from two or more of those colleges to compare who has the best offering that suits your needs. I hope it will help you.
  3. TXMD2B's Avatar

    TXMD2B said:
    I would stay away from online programs if you plan on going to med school.
  4. khoius said:
    Online degrees are usually good for post-graduate levels such as masteral, doctoral. You will need a basic knowledge in order to practice in real world.
  5. arnie5 said:
    online degree is crazy!
  6. nelsonbaker said:
    Degree in health management is offered by various universities. Are you looking for some country specific university or what? Otherwise you would get vague responses.
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  7. Viresh said:
    Even i think online degrees are usually good for post-graduate levels.
  8. nursingcollege9 said:

    Bay Area Nursing College

    Wearing the uniform of a nurse was a dream I cherished since childhood. Little did I realize that my dream would come true after completion of studies from American College of Nursing. Not only does the San Francisco Bay area college provides the best of education, but also helps makes learning a fun.
  9. ivounnerry said:
    Check this site :
    eBooks and Guides you need |
  10. dancewithnurses said:
    There is nothing wrong with online colleges. If you are looking for an online college just make sure that the college is accredited.

    Here is a list of online schools that are accredited

    Capella University Online
    Rasmussen College
    Allied Health
    Unitek College
    Drexel University
    Western Governors University
    Liberty University
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