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Carribean Nursing students Speak Up...

Thread: Carribean Nursing students Speak Up...

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  1. Sweetlady said:

    Smile Carribean Nursing students Speak Up...

    I am new to this site and have visited the medical section, which seems to be more lively than the nursing section. Could this be that there aren't enough nursing students aware of this site, or are they too busy in their very demanding daily chores? It'll be nice if students who are currently enrolled in a carribean nursing school could voice out their opinions about their experiences in the school, help answer some questions which future students who are anticipating on perhap, following their step, might have.

    So, I would like to start by asking anyone who is currently or has previously enrolled attended a carribean nursing school ( AUA, UMHS, SGU, etc) if you knew then what you know now, would you enroll at the same school? why or why not?

    In your opinion, what nursing schools in the carribean has the best nursing program ( include factors such as finances, housing, location, NCLEX preparation...etc)?

  2. jp827 said:
    Can someone (current students) provide insight about AUA's nursing program?
    How was the admission process? How was the interview? Where are you located in the island and how do you like it there?

    Sorry for so many questions but there really isn't advice anywhere else about AUA's Nursing program. It is mostly Pre-Med and Med forums that receive more replies.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated!!

  3. suspirar said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetlady View Post
    I am new to this site and have visited the medical section, which seems to be more lively than the nursing section. Could this be that there aren't enough nursing students aware of this site, or are they too busy in their very demanding daily chores?

    I think there is an insufficient interest in nursing. There are 3 doctors in my family, and only 1 family member studying to be a nurse (originally she wanted to be a doctor). If you look at the BLSīs occupational outlooks, job prospects are better for nurses than doctors.
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  4. almondcheeks217 said: is an excellent site for the nursing-minded.
  5. Viresh said:
    yes surly they have to speak up.
  6. Julz said:
    I am currently in Namibia just got accepted to the advance post graduate diploma in nursing at Texila American University. I want to know how is the living conditions, food, accommodation and studying environment so that i can come without fear. Since I am already a Registered nurse can i work and study at the same time. I have so many questions please help?????
  7. Julz said:
    Nurses please help me
  8. thxleave said:
    I don't think you'll get much info about people that went to nursing schools in the Caribbeans, as there are a lot of nursing schools in the US already. Any reason for not applying to US nursing schools first?
  9. Julz said:
    Thank you for replying...Do you know about Texilla American university..?
  10. DTM said:
    Hi I was a student at SGU Grenada in 2019 until their DOS office recently kicked me out of my program.

    It started with the Chair of the Nursing department giving me wrong information to register, and when I did what I was told, her executive secretary had a very nasty tone about it, in the presence of others in the office. A few weeks later, I foolishly emailed the secretary to tell her about her manners and the Chair of the department escalated to the DOS office, without sitting with me to discuss it first.

    The DOS office scheduled me for meetings without consulting my schedule and expected me to show up, even when I was home sick and had to work. Mind you, I didn't get any scholarships and I had no financial help or means to get a loan so I needed to work for food, etc. I informed them of all the above but that was completely ignored because the "officials" in that DOS office seemed to figure they were too "official" to listen to anything I had to say. My position as TA at the school was also stripped from me because I was accused of "chronic" lack of attendance to their meetings. I was accused of many things, including reading my emails when home sick with an expired SGU password for accessing my account. I tried to be very diplomatic in my writing but I was also told, by DOS official and my department Chair, that my use of the word "convenient", "unethical", "uncouth" etc. was disrespectful.

    The DOS asked me to provide an apology, and I provided four (4) apologies, for the sake of peace, but they were all ignored. Mind you, one apology was written by an SGU supervisor and an SGU faculty with a Doctorate's degree. They gave me hell about poor communication, so I suppose the apologies from the supervisor and faculty member was also poor. SGU has their own court system and their lawyer slammed me with all sorts of violations, including falsifying university documents. When the panel asked the Chair of my department if she had signed my registration form, she said a very gruff "no", even though her signature is on the form in the registrar's office. With God, I was found not guilty for forgery!

    During detention sittings with my probation officer, I tried to ask her some questions about our previous discussions but she got red in the face and dismissed me from her office. One of the questions asked: "Why would you say that Dr. .... does not care when she is supposed to care"? I also asked a separate official if was "supposed to leave my sick bed to attend those meetings" and she didn't respond. My probation letter said to email DOS if I had any questions but when I did that their lawyer created a string of violations about that. I also emailed the new Dean of SAS to ask him a question and to help him find the evidence he was looking for about my program but that also turned out to be a violation. The provost and other higher heads had no response to my emails and the new ombudsman said she has no power to do anything other than give me advice. Their lawyer also referred to me and my sentiments as "rat hole" and the panel members had nothing to say to that. I am still wondering which gov't is SGU bigger than!!

    I have evidence to show that the final decision was made before the 2nd hearing was called and that is blatant discrimination - my account has a learning mgmt system lock hold that still says "DO NOTTTTT REMOVE" so I can't see my grades or request my transcript. Based on confessions from one of my cohort and from other students, SGU only have respect and humility for students with rich backgrounds - students with parents who are politicians, doctors, diplomats, etc. An esteemed member of society told me that "SGU is bigger than the government" because "they are not nice" and "you are not wrong but they just feel you should not tell them anything because you are too much in their face".

    I asked SGU for an apology but instead I got a whole lot of negative attitude, probation, a detention officer, 2 court cases and dismissal from my program (which I fought to enter into for many, many years) and from the university. One is ever open to correction and understands the need for discipline and rules but if SGU staff can't exemplify ethics and professionalism to students then how can they slam students from same?? I can't believe that this type of rubbish is happening at Univeristy level in this 2019 - God is watching them!!

    I rest my case!!
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