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What state offer best salary for Nurse?

Thread: What state offer best salary for Nurse?

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  1. mannys661 said:

    What state offer best salary for Nurse?

    What state offer best salary for Nurse?
  2. mannys661 said:
    Good Question
  3. Barrefly said:
    California, but also high cost of living.
  4. Sawank said:
    According to the BLS, the following five states offer the highest pay for RNs; if you are thinking about relocation, perhaps a move to one of these states is in your future.

    Visalia-Porterville $111,030
    San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara $110,080
    San Francisco $98,900
    Oakland-Fremont $97,280
    Sacramento-Arden $89,770
  5. Livenlearn said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Barrefly View Post
    California, but also high cost of living.
    The cost of living really is a big factor too. But you get paid in sunshine at least!
  6. kemz92 said:
    honestly depends on where you work(ocmpany itself)
  7. Livenlearn said:
    I have a cousin that worked as a traveling nurse and that seemed to pay pretty well too. Plus, I think they pay some of your cost of living and you get to see a lot of different places.
  8. Idahopre said:
    Is it true that RN's income is almost comparable to a PA's? I always thought that a PA made more, I guess a rn might be comparable if they work a lot of over time?
  9. carlosben said:
    Thank you very much for posting this. I am in front of my computer for the whole day because I am looking for best salary for Nursing jobs. Thank you for sharing this
  10. windysheet said:

    5 highest for 2015

    California still tops the list but you have to consider the cost of living, which is higher than compared to others states as well. Second on the list is Massachusetts then Hawaii, there's also Alaska (if you're used to cold climate and thriving in a small population, here's your best bet since the cost of living is lower compared to other places), lastly there's Nevada. Hope this helps.
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