Hi all,

As a domestic student, I have applied to study nursing at 2 separate universities in Australia. "Bachelor of Nursing" at University of Queensland; and "Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced)" at University of Sydney.

Around 4 days ago, I got offers from both universities, to which was an unexpected surprise. And, I am pretty torn on which university to choose.

From the pros and cons that I've heard from friends, family, local Aussie and online, the degree of advantages and disadvantages to studying at either university is almost the same.

For instance, from what I heard from an Aussie family friend (a nurse in NSW) and from online, in recent years finding employment after study in both states (NSW and QLD) are both equally hard and competitive.

Thus, this is only making my decision harder. Since I did not expect to get offers from both universities.

Therefore, please give direction on which university would be a better choice? Many thanks!!!

In addition, if possible, what's the differences between a normal "Bachelor of Nursing" and Advanced "Bachelor of Nursing"? There isn't much information online about the differences between normal and advanced course. All I know is Advanced course will provide better preparation for future, in terms of knowledge and skill; since requirements are much higher.