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  1. eldano said:

    Pathology Book

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone happens to know if there's any difference between the book BASIC PATHOLOGY and PATHOLOGIC BASIS OF DISAESE ? Although they are written by the same author
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  2. zahero_2007 said:

    big difference

    the book pathologic basis of disease is concerned with the basis of pathological disease . however basic pathology is concerned with the basic of pathology . understood?
  3. OveractiveBrain said:
    Lol. The difference is about 120 dollars and 1400 pages.

    People look at the Robbins and Cotran series as 3 different books. "Big Robbins" which is the PATHOLOGIC BASIS OF DISAESE book. Its designed for pathology residents who must understand everything. It was used by my school's path course. It is long, long winded, and very detailed. It is 1600 pages and costs about 150 dollars.

    "Medium Robbins" or BASIC PATHOLOGY, is a modified book. Its like the high school version of a graduate level text book. Prettier organization, less information. It goes into some nice detail about the bigger, more important diseases, but by no means is sufficient for a pathology course in medical school.

    "Small Robbins" is the big robbins companion. High yield review of whats in the big robbins.

    NONE OF THESE BOOKS should be used for pathology review for step 1
  4. homegirl2012 said:
    I would recommend Goljan.
  5. loka1282 said:
    I would recommend "Color Atlas of Pathology" by Riede

    Color Atlas of Pathology - ****** E-Book Store

    Hope it helps

  6. shilpakary said:
    thanks for the links
  7. prince786 said:
    Study physiology from Dr. najeeb and then get Pathoma, it's that simple.
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