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what is the best way to study for pharm

Thread: what is the best way to study for pharm

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  1. canadiankid said:

    what is the best way to study for pharm

    i heard from a lot of people and even the kaplan folks, that first aid is all that you need.
    how far is this true?
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  2. wcb22 said:
    read lippincott 4X, and use FA as last minute reviewing.
  3. sreec said:
    yeah i went with wcb22's approach, i can't imagine using just FA for pharm

  4. jameslynton's Avatar

    jameslynton said:
    I would not depend on FA for anything. It is an outline at best.
    PreMed Forum Moderator

    I call it like I see it. I am not paid by ValueMD or any school. Nor do I recruit for any school.
  5. stateofequilibrium's Avatar

    stateofequilibrium said:
    FA you CAN use it as your sole source if you have a good foundation in pharm. For the most part, USMLE will ask you fairly straightforward questions that will be heavy on contraindications. A part that FA does really well.
    Posterior Fornix.
  6. Catarro said:
    I found Kaplan with the french dude to be great.
  7. Catarro said:
    sorry double post.
  8. mellisa2011 said:
    def kaplan!
  9. Unloading said:
    Use stories!!!
  10. Unloading said:
    Use stories!!!! it helps
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