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Thread: Pa-Md

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  1. Wendell said:


    Is anyone aware if there is advanced placement for P.a"s who want to attend Medical school,or do i have to start from the beginning again?
  2. DOC.p's Avatar

    DOC.p said:
    some newer schools MAY do this, also some online schools, but that is not a very safe route. you may have to start over
  3. teratos's Avatar

    teratos said:
    You will have to start from the beginning, licensing laws don't allow for advanced placement.
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  4. krust3 said:

    advanced standing is offered by some foreign schools. you won't even be able to practice in the country the school is chartered.

    at least you've got one up on your fellow med school classmates and a pretty strong med school application, etc.
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  5. AlwaysDreaming said:
    "Don't go the online MD Route!"

    are there actually online MD programs? If so I' would be gobsmacked.
  6. leadsled said:
    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysDreaming View Post
    "Don't go the online MD Route!"

    are there actually online MD programs? If so I' would be gobsmacked.
    These seem to be the "Big Online 3" meaning the basic sciences are conducted primarily through distant learning. Clinical rotations obviously need to be conducted in a clinical setting. Personal opinion, I agree that there will be licensing issues. However, I don't have a problem with distant learning modalities as long as it augments and supplements some form of traditional face to face classroom. UHSA seems to do this by requiring physical attendance 1 month of every semester. Who really cares if homework is submitted online or exams are proctored off campus? With that said, clinicals can never be online! So is it really an Online MD? Not really! just utilizing technology to get the information to the students.

    I take online Harvard CME's. Does that mean the education is crap because it is online? Actually, the instruction is outstanding. I am not comparing these schools to Harvard Online but what I am saying is that distant learning is a viable option. However, until state medical boards recognize that, extreme caution should be used before investing your time and money into a foreign medical school that has distant learning options!

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  7. kemz92 said:
    no advanced placement in med school
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