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Gaining Clinical Experience

Thread: Gaining Clinical Experience

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  1. sunshineiamhappy said:

    Gaining Clinical Experience

    Hey, I am a 2nd year university student very interested in the PA program. However, I have no clinical/ hospital experience (which is required by most universities). I would like to hear some of your experiences and how you grasped your first clinical experience. Thanks!
  2. Pyllins said:
    Yea of course I have at least ten years experience clinically under the competent physician doctors who are the regular doctors in the teaching hospital therefore better way for us to adjust me properly as per your need.

    Nitin Chhoda
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  3. Grayson said:
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Anniejames said:
    I guess you can find some non-paid job in start until the completion of the degree. After that your experience and degree will help you to find a good job.
    "Health Vibes"
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