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Seeking a Physicians Assistant for Cardio Vascular Surgery

Thread: Seeking a Physicians Assistant for Cardio Vascular Surgery

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  1. amandamartinez said:

    Seeking a Physicians Assistant for Cardio Vascular Surgery

    Where Talent Meets Opportunity

    Physicians Assistant for Cardio Vascular Surgery
    Rocky Mountain Region

    Hospital: Located in the Rocky Mountains, this hospital is nationally recognized for their cardiac program. Join a well-established Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgical Team. This position will also be responsible for working on the floor and in the CV Outpatient Clinic.

    Benefits: 75-90K. Opportunity for sign-on and relocation. Generous benefits package.

    Location: Live and work where others recreate and play! This is an awesome career advancement opportunity, and provides a chance to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Enjoy plenty of outdoor activities and four seasons.

    Requirements: Masterís Degree. 5+ years experience in the OR including endoscopic vein harvesting.

    If interested send your resume to [email protected] com or call 303-799-8188 x119.
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  2. bhatotia said:
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  3. westorange said:
    Where is the job located? I am located in Florida and might be interested in relocating. I will be sending an email.

    Dr. Dewan
  4. Pyllins said:
    Being a heart surgeon I need for my hospital a assistant for cardio vascular surgery to who have well expert in giving suitable assistance during taking the surgery.
    physical therapy practice
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