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Carib MD transfer to PA

Thread: Carib MD transfer to PA

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  1. Born2BMD said:

    Carib MD transfer to PA

    Does anyone know if having a carib MD would be of any benefit when applying to PA schools?

    I have a friend who does not have a stellar undergrad, but did well in the carib MD program, but no longer wishes to pursue an MD and wants to switch to the PA track and just finish with schooling sooner.
  2. leadsled said:
    PA schools vary in admission requirements. Some are very competitive and others lets just say are... very expensive! Make a lot of phone calls, talk to admission counselors and simply apply! Holding advanced degrees and having health care experience may be beneficial in applying but not paramount and certainly does not guarantee admission!
  3. adamcollin said:
    Yes, it differs from school to school and holding a degree or qualification is always considered as a positive point when pursuing other degree.
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