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which alternative is better?

Thread: which alternative is better?

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  1. Emanooel said:

    which alternative is better?

    Hi everyone:

    I am old graduated and Foreign Medical Graduated , US citizen and already have ECFMG certification unfortunately I attempted several times for residency but I did not getI any interview and I did not match. now I am looking for any advice or alternatives. Please advise me which alternative program is better for me? what can I do for Residency matching?Is there any chance to success in residency matching if no which alternative program is the best for me DPT-DPM-OD-DO-PA(I did not take MCAT or TOEFL) ? what do you recommend in my situation? I am upset, because I spent a lot of money, waist my time and.......

    Thank you my friends
  2. charlesmaikens's Avatar

    charlesmaikens said:
    Could write please, what was about MCAT and TOEFL. They're very popular and maybe I can give some reasonable pieces of advice.
  3. BenjaminAnderson said:
    MCAT and TOEFL are the important exams as far as I know.
  4. Henry1122 said:
    I am old graduated and foreign medical graduated, US native and as of now have ECZEMA confirmation tragically i endeavored a few times for residency yet I did not any meeting and I did not coordinate, presently i am searching for any exhortation or options...
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