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  1. So111 said:


    I've been reading about what you need to do after a Polish medical degree to work in the EEA.

    Need the diploma (degree) and also need to pass the LEK. Does anyone have any experience with the LEK? Is the English version harder/easier and anyone know the pass mark and average pass rates?

    Cheers guys.
  2. Torontomed said:
    You also need to pass a Polish language fluency exam if you're a non-EU graduating from the programs delivered in English.

    Don't forget that step.
  3. So111 said:
    Cheers for the reply.

    As far as I researched, as an EU national (UK), upon completing the 4 Year Medicine course at Poznan, I need to take the LEK.

    No need for an internship right?
  4. The-Foreigner said:
    Hi there,
    The LEK consists of exactly the same questions in english and polish, so the level is the same. There are 200 questions, of which 56% need to be answered correctly. Generally speaking however, "English Division" students perform worse than students studying in polish. Currently, the main explanation for this phenomenon is that the questions are translated by the examiners setting the questions instead of professional translators, meaning that some questions lose their essence. This explanation is undoubtedly debatable.

    For a breakdown of the average scores per year, per university for both programs, feel free to refer to the LEK website ( Choose "lekarze/dentysci"-> "statystyki" under "LEK" followed by the year/season that interests you.
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  5. Drcole said:
    UK students won't need the LEK. You can apply to F1
  6. kszoski said:
    Study tips for english LEK exam anyone?
  7. Violeteye said:
    Do you have to take the exam even if you want to do your internship in the Uk or Ireland?
  8. bestintheworld said:
    No you dont have to take the exam.
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