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- Conservative Dentistry
- Dental Surgery
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- Ethics
- Orthodontics
- Paediatrics
- Periodontology
- Prosthetics
- Public Health
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Sample questions:
An abscess that could have formed due to the complication of purulent hematoma formed during the administration of anaesthesia into the maxillary tuberosity is:
1. Infratemporal space abscess
2. Pterygomandibular space abscess
3. Parapharyngeal abscess
4. Peritonsillar abscess
5. Ptergygopalatine space abscess
The correct answer is:
a). 1,2
b). 2,3
c). 1,5
d). 1,4
e). 1,2,3,4,5

Anaesthesia of the inferior alveolar nerve in the mandibular foramen, is applied in:
a). Inframandibular space
b). Parapharyngeal space
c). Pterygomandibular space
d). Buccal space
e). There is no specific name for this space

Good adhesion to enamel and dentin, lower sensitivity to moisture, and prolonged fluoride release are characteristic of:
a). Amalgam
b). Compomers
c). Composites
d). Glass-ionomer cements
e). Zinc oxide

The technique of direct pulp capping is indicated in the following situations:
a). Accidental minimal exposure of healthy pulp
b). Carious exposure of pulp
c). A fracture with minimal (less than 1mm) pulp exposure when the interval between the pulp exposure and treatment is more than 24 hours
d). A crown fracture of a milk incisor with pulp exposure in a 6 year old
e). The answers A and C are correct

The connector of a lower metal framework denture, which the smallest side affects occur to the surrounding oral mucosa is:
a). Sublingual arch
b). Dental Arch
c). Sublingual-dental arch
d). Double lingual arch
e). Lingual plate