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Polish university (obscure) vs. Ukrainian Uni (well known)

Thread: Polish university (obscure) vs. Ukrainian Uni (well known)

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  1. bluecan said:

    Polish university (obscure) vs. Ukrainian Uni (well known)

    Hi! So I just made this thread cos I'm in a bit of a dillemma, and any inputs are welcome.
    A bit of context:
    I was studying in Charles University, First faculty of medicine for the past one year. I couldn't get the required number of credits to continue into second year, and being this late into the admission cycle where most unis have finalised applicant lists, my main concern is to not waste a year to just re-apply to medical uni in the 2019-20 cycle.
    (For those of you who might suggest that I should reconsider if medicine is really for me since i essentially failed the first year, Yes, it is, and I'm only looking forward to succeeding even more now.)

    My ultimate aim is to transfer in 2nd year to a better ranked uni in Slovakia/Cz republic/ Hungary/ Poland/ Italy
    So now I have 3 options:
    1. Study in Georgia- Tbilisi state medical university- rank in 1000's . They have a tie up with emory university that'll allow me to do clinical rotations later in the US, in case the transfer doesnt work out. The quality of teaching in georgia however, is a question mark.
    2. Study in V Karazin Kharkiv Uni in Ukraine.
    It is a better ranked uni, around 400 rank worldwide.

    The only downsides to both the universities above is that they are not in the EU, so transferring to an EU uni might be harder.? But they both follow the ECTS system, if that counts.

    3. The third option is Univeristy of Rzeszow in Poland. Its fairly obscure, doesnt appear in any major world ranking lists. The only upside is that since it is in Poland, it'll probably be easier to transfer to a Polish/neighbouring country uni since its in the EU and has a similar syllabus/study structure.
    However if the transfer doesnt work out from this uni, I might be stuck getting a degree from a uni that isnt even on the california list, nor on the list of recognized medical unis in india (my home country). But then again, if a transfer to an EU country doesnt work, i think it'll be easy to transfer from poland to ukraine( karazin kharkiv is on the indian list)

    So there it is. If my ultimate aim is to transfer back into Charles Uni or any other European uni in second year, which uni would you advise me to enroll in?
    Apologies for the long post, and looking forward to any suggestions!

  2. bestintheworld said:
    If you want to have a career in Europe, do not study outside the European Union.
    If you are a EU citizen, Poland is a good option for you.
    If you are not an EU citizen consider Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.
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