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American International School of Medicine - Should I Go?

Thread: American International School of Medicine - Should I Go?

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  1. heywood100 said:

    Question American International School of Medicine - Should I Go?


    Practicing in CA or NYC not important for me.

    Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this school and its principals?

    Very much appreciate any info.
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  2. maximillian genossa's Avatar

    maximillian genossa said:
    Did you read the Terms of Service or you just clicked yes I accept without reading them?

    You are not supposed to post names in this forum, also you already asked that question at the main foreign medical school forum. Probably nobody answered there because nobody cares about the school. Have you google search it by yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by heywood100 View Post

    Practicing in CA or NYC not important for me.

    Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this school and its principals, a Dr ***** et al?

    Very much appreciate any info.
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  3. heywood100 said:
    Apologies for posting the name.

    I removed it as soon as you pointed out my diabolical and heinous transgression.

    Rest assured I did Google it and only posted here when I could not get the information and transparency I desire.

    I am sincerely apologetic for boring you and do beg your forgiveness.
  4. Chilly'nCold said:
    I'm not sure where you're from or how Dr. Wilkinson's lying sweet tongue located you, but AISM has ruined the lives of many current and prospective medical students from Massachusetts to Mumbai. It's an international scam. The school, and it's owner, is a fraud. Plain and simple. The deceiver-in-chief -- Dr Colin Wilkinson -- is a skilled people all exceptional con men I've ever heard of and read about. He has documents, names, examples, anecdotes, board exams statistics, and everything a desperate student needs to hear to feel enticed.

    He's actually brilliant. He conceives methods of making people feel at home and has an answer for every question you're likely to have. I believe this skill was honed from his many years of scamming students and their families from all over the world. Every good thing you read or hear about him is probably true. Every negative thing you read or hear about him is probably mild compared to his true nature. That's been my experience. Additionally, he always asks for tuition upfront. He even offers a payment plan for those who are unable to fork over the entire sum upfront. To make the scam more potent he drops the tuition total and makes it seem as though he's heaven's best gift to humanity. Sorry, he isn't.

    Then come the promises, but first the main requirement for your admission. Basic sciences are to be completed in Georgetown, Guyana. It took me a while to realise that this is a requirement because he can't get away with this scam in the US. After the basic sciences, clinical rotations are to be completed in your choice of either the Caribbean, the USA, the UK, or Canada. I mean, who wouldn't want that!? That's where he hooks you real good. Next comes the visa assistance. You actually don't need it. A Guyana visa is one of the easiest in the world to acquire, and it's very cheap compared to those of many other countries.

    After you're hooked, you arrive Guyana and are stunned at the meagre accommodation that's the entire school. It's one residential one-storey building, with just a handful of rooms transformed for use as classrooms and a library. The address? The intersection of 89 Sandy Babb and Middleton Streets, in Kitty, Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. They explain that they've already acquired land and will begin building soon. He shows you the plans and land deeds as proof. Your initial misgivings and reservations begin to melt away. Then, lectures begin and you're all in again.

    A couple of the teachers were phenomenal when I was there. The now-deceased Dr Ovid Isaacs was one such physician/lecturer. Anyone who took pharmacology and genetics from him will attest to his genius. He was practically the only pre-clinical lecturer who undoubtedly knew his stuff and knew a lot about the USMLE. Everyone else was an imposter or had no USMLE experience at all. USMLE prep consisted of Dr Wilkinson apparently sending a bunch of past questions from a q-bank no doubt, which were printed out and disseminated to all the students.

    Then, the clinical rotations come along and you're trying to prepare for the USMLE Step I that'll never happen because the school has no proper access to clinical rotation sites. You begin to ask questions and realise that no answers are forthcoming. Dr Wilkinson and his mercenaries become scarce. No emails are returned, neither are any phone calls. Frustration sets in and dreams begin to be derailed. You begin to postpone the board exams and begin to seek clinical rotation alternatives. I searched everywhere. No luck.

    At this point, more promises might come as they did for me and my colleagues. As a result of my multiple US visa applications being declined and a ban from entering the US in place due to my overstay in the US prior to my move to Guyana caused by AISM and their lies, my colleagues and I who were in the exact same situation were offered rotation spots at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica by none other than Dr Wilkinson. He told us they'd signed an MoU. All that was required was for us to apply for our Jamaica visas and move there for our clinical rotations. Mind you, this is a reputable institution that was widely regarded as the best regional university in the Caribbean. We were ecstatic. After the promises were made and Dr Wilkinson slithered back to his US base, I called UWI and spoke to the person in charge of setting up rotations. She had never heard of him nor had she heard of AISM. We were devastated yet again.

    We were stranded: no visas, no clinical rotations, no tuition reimbursement, no phone calls or emails answered, etc. We had to find our way out. It was easy. Nobody cared. After years of leaving Guyana and returning home, there's been no phone call, no email or any form of communication from AISM inquiring about my whereabouts. More importantly, no apology. Thankfully, I didn't pay the entire tuition. I couldn't afford to at the time, anyway. He plays the long con game. He's patient. He's accommodating. He's a brilliant motivator. Dr Colin Wilkinson is a charmer.

    Years later, I've received emails threatening to send my unpaid tuition to a collections agency if I don't pony up the remainder, over USD50K apparently. I've ignored them totally. I'm sure I'll still receive them again in the future when next they're strapped for cash. I'll still ignore them. There's no mention of how Dr Wilkinson and AISM ruined my life and those of dozens of my colleagues on their website and on these other forums. For every single student who makes it through AISM, there's a dozen who were scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars...maybe more.

    Anyone looking for a school like AISM is looking for the wrong school. I'm sure AISM isn't the only fraudulent excuse of an institution out there. So, what to do!? Run! Run as fast and as far as your legs can carry you and then some more. Dr Wilkinson was cheating on his wife in Guyana with at least one person I knew. They fell out and she went to tattle tell on him and his illegal operation at the US Embassy in Guyana, which is in part why we never got our visas. But he's a US citizen and it wasn't in the interest (apparently) of the US Embassy to pursue any disciplinary action against him, so it didn't affect him. We discovered this much later. Just a few months ago, a lady from India emailed me for the third time in about five years. Dr Wilkinson apparently attended a student recruitment conference there. When he got there he apparently convinced them that he'd left his wallet at home. He promised to send in his hotel room and conference participation payments and fees as soon as he returned to the US. He never did. They've been trying to recoup thousands of dollars he incurred in expenses during that trip. This is the Dr Wilkinson I've come to know over the years.

    All my former classmates and I ended up leaving medicine entirely. That's a lot of dreams squashed by the treachery and greed of one man. If I were suicidal, I would've killed myself at AISM. Thank God I didn't. He wouldn't have cared anyway and life would still go on. I'm only glad that I was able to quietly encourage some young people who were about to waste their futures there to leave. There was a guy who did the same more openly and Dr Wilkinson manipulated this caucasian lady into calling the students' parents halfway around the world to accuse him of being a rapist. The guy almost went crazy. He left AISM a few months later. He told me a few months ago that he's had no contact with AISM since he left in 2013 except for their tuition payment threats. He told me he threatened to get the FBI involved and never heard back from AISM. So, AISM and Dr Wilkinson are dangerous to your medical aspirations. Go at your own risk. You've been warned. Cheers!
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