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Study with some music :)

Thread: Study with some music :)

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  1. bidiboom said:

    Study with some music :)

    Hi guys,

    I love this video very much and to read something with this music is smooth ..its a work in classical Turkish music composed by Tatyos Efendi (Sir Tatyos), a 19th century Armenian Ottoman citizen and composer..

    And the pictures are from country side of Turkey.. you give your life for a handful soil of it.. thats my country

    Kurdilihicazkar Saz Semaisi - Kemani Tatyos Efendi - YouTube
  2. bidiboom said:
    .. and this is another air from another place, another time
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  3. ferdinand1 said:
    I can not study without music
  4. RileyWiley said:
    A good music indeed. But I cannot concentrate on something when playing a music at the same time.
  5. Deeplyt said:
    Always studying with those kind of music, can' study without any
  6. Oliviageorge098 said:
    yeah i love that
  7. buenavides1 said:
    I find it kind of hard to study sometimes while listening to music as I tend to memorize the lyrics than the subject itself.
  8. Lil_Gail said:
    Does this work for kids as well? Will it also relax their minds while they study? Or will it be a distraction? Thanks!
  9. Oppru said:
    Thanks for the useful information.
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