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Who is your favorite music band or artist?

Thread: Who is your favorite music band or artist?

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  1. miasma's Avatar

    miasma said:

    Who is your favorite music band or artist?

    hey people, i'm a big music buff, and i would just like to ask people, if they had to pick ONE favorite music artist or band who would it be? mine would be Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
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  2. suhail510's Avatar

    suhail510 said:
    I'm gonna go with Audioslave, but they barely beat the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Social Distortion and A.F.I.
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  3. withoutaclue said:
  4. butters's Avatar

    butters said:
    oh man...that's a tough one...I think Depeche Mode
  5. Cardinal's Avatar

    Cardinal said:
    John Cougar Mellencamp
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  6. YODA's Avatar

    YODA said:
    New Orleans own Cowboy Mouth.

    pop quiz, can any one tell me where they got that name from???

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  7. Batman007's Avatar

    Batman007 said:
    i like u2

  8. MDXRS22's Avatar

    MDXRS22 said:
    Metallica=favorite band
    Artist= ODB=little jesus= Dirt M Girt
    Music= Playing 24/7= Cold Play; Fix you
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  9. stephew said:
    either billy bragg or rufus wainwright

    kirsty MacColl (RIP)
    Ella Fitzgerald
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  10. mongo18's Avatar

    mongo18 said:
    Iron Maiden/KISS/RUSH

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