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Advice needed for IM!!

Thread: Advice needed for IM!!

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  1. AggieDoc said:

    Angry Advice needed for IM!!

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a long time lurker on this board, and since my time has finally come for the application I just wanted to post and see how you elders suggest I go about doing everything. I am completely baffled as to how many programs I should apply to. Since I am from the south, I am targetting the southern states, mainly TX, AZ, FL, MS, GA, TN and I am desperately hoping to match at a solid University prog so it gives me the best shot at a GI or Hem-Onc fellowship. Any advice at all is REAALLLYYY appreciated it. Thanks in advance! Good luck to all others who are going through the Match this time!!

    My Info:
    US Citizen, Carib IMG
    GPA: 3.7
    Step 1: 240's
    Step 2 CK: high 250's
    Step 2 CS: Passed
    No research or pubs
    CV has nothing outstanding on it
  2. AggieDoc said:
    Anyone? Please, I could really use some help with this.
  3. rokshana said:
    Quote Originally Posted by AggieDoc View Post
    Anyone? Please, I could really use some help with this.
    You're probably fine though I do caution you or anyone from limiting themselves geographically...I too am from the south and wanted to go back down south for residency but had a few NE programs as a just in case...luckily it worked out for me, but better you spend 3yrs somewhere to get the chance to practice the rest of your life in the south than to have to sit out a year because you didn't have a plan B of doing something outside of the south
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  4. teratos's Avatar

    teratos said:
    Apply to as many as you can, particularly since you are trying to get into a good University program. You have a good GPA and very good board scores. I see no reason why you should not get one. Like rokshana said, don't limit yourself geographically. Also, think about applying for programs that have a fellowship you would be interested in. If they like you, it may make getting that fellowship a little easier.
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  5. AggieDoc said:
    thanks a lot guys, I'll throw in a bunch of university programs in the NE as well! In the end, I guess it is the quality of the program and the fellowships they offer matters more to me than the location.
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