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EM/IM Combined Program- What if

Thread: EM/IM Combined Program- What if

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  1. zmar said:

    EM/IM Combined Program- What if

    Quick question: What if you apply to the combined EM/IM program and one specialty likes you and the other does not. Is it possible to be offered a position among the one and not the other e.g. EM doesn't like you but IM likes you so IM offers you a spot while EM doesn't or do you have to apply separately? How do programs feel if you apply to EM/IM, single IM and single EM in the same program? Thanks!
  2. Salama's Avatar

    Salama said:
    From my limited exposure to this, I believe that if you apply for EM/IM or any combined program... they only look at you for that program. It is one program. Like Med/Peds or EM/FM, there are a certain number of spots for residents and they are looking for someone who wants to learn about both topics. I've never heard of anyone getting an IV for just one program if they applied to a combined program.

    As for applying to EM/IM, EM and IM. I think you're stuck. The programs are going to find your app in the combo pile and then come across it again for their individual program. You are going to have different personal statements and they might contradict each other.
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  3. Jami said:
    I like the idea of that program especially em/Im/cc
  4. axiomofchoice said:
    There are very few spots in these combo programs... and they are highly desired by US grads.
  5. Salama's Avatar

    Salama said:
    Quote Originally Posted by axiomofchoice View Post
    There are very few spots in these combo programs... and they are highly desired by US grads.
    Very true. We had a EM/FM match last year. Though I think that is less desired than the EM/IM.
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  6. kerpal said:
    An IM doctor makes a much better EM doctor, so whats the point? A nurse can triage someone.
  7. thethom said:
    I have an inkling that EM physicians do a touch more than triage...

    Regarding applying to multiple residencies in the same program, I never knew what else my residency applicants applied to...I also didn't care...seems smart not to limit one's options.

    Choose your residency based on what you really want to do when you are 55 years old. If you want the option to work in an outpatient setting, then EM/FM is your best bet. If you want inpatient (adult only) and ED work, then maybe EM/IM. If you want only ED/Urgent Care, then straight EM is the way to go.

    The good news is that you can do a sports medicine fellowship after any of those
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    devildoc8404 said:
    I worked with a EM/IM doc for a while in an ED, and a former classmate of mine recently completed the dual residency. Cool gig, with some excellent opportunities down the road as well. It also offers a scope of practice options that are generally unavailable to one or the other specialty, as well as a continuum of care for some admitted patients coming through the ED that was pretty nice.

    And FWIW, if you think that EM docs only do triage, then you either were not paying attention in your EM rotation, or you haven`t been there yet.

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