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To study in Romania /Constanta mainly

Thread: To study in Romania /Constanta mainly

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  1. DrAlok said:

    To study in Romania /Constanta mainly

    To get a better chance of entering into Romanian universities (Constanta mainly) its best to find an agent. Agents are well known in the ministry of education and kinda looked and trusted upon. Now I dont know about the agents in your respective countries but Agent in Romania.
    Another thing why are many using Student Dream? Your paying 2000-2500 euros for application letter when agents especially the agent I came through took 1200 euros for alot of things and services.

    So please be careful and dont spend that much money for application.

    if anyone needs any more info msg me privately and I can tell you.
  2. chapelier said:
    yeah please tell this anywhere else I'm here in romania for 3 years and what I can say everybody is to avoid agents. You have no influence in anything and most univ prefer candidates sending files . For letter of acceptance , process is only sending files to ministry (or through international department of university , depends)
    They don't need your "services" . Studying in romania is an opportunity for not so wealthy people , and we try to help each other to get what is needed. There are seats for everybody in many univ here , no need for promises
    please erase this subject
  3. DrAlok said:

    to chap

    No offence to you but I been in Romania for 4 years. I came to Constanta through agent. I seen people get rejected. To even make it easier for YOU chap I can send you emails of people that did as you asked. Tell me one thing, why are most non EUs rejected when they directly apply?
    dont just sit there and say oo i know romania. Cause if you really believe in what you wrote then obviously you dont. Cause anyone that knows Romania knows that for most of the job you go THROUGH someone to get it done.
    Plus Im glad that you feel that people can do it, And if you read very carefully rather than arguing you would see that I havent said that DONT, did I not advice people to NOT use Student dream? guess what? thats an AGENCY. Did I not say to rather use an agent from romania rather than own countries cause their better known with romanian system?

    So if you understand im talking to those non eu that have problems entering. Thank you for posting but try helping someone that is going to spend 2000 euros and plus just for their application letters cause countries like India and Pakistan and so on REQUIRE That you go through agent.
  4. asiapum said:
    I am European student and I was accepted to university without any problems,and I must say that I didn't do it with any agents,because I heard that it is not safe.
  5. devildoc8404's Avatar

    devildoc8404 said:
    Based on my experience, and the experience of the vast majority of my classmates, "agencies" are a complete waste of money. (Any school that requires an agency should be viewed with considerable trepidation.)

    Some of my classmates spent thousands of dollars for nothing, were placed in shoddy (and overpriced) apartments far from the university, and given second-hand books which were of little or no use. In addition, they were told a staggering amount of half-truths and outright lies.

    Hey, if you have money to waste, great. I sure as bleep don't.

    "When I haven't any
    blue... I use red
    - Pablo Picasso

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    Clinical Research Fellow / Resident
    Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman 1996-2003

  6. IMGNY said:
    I would like to hear from those who have transferred to or obtained advanced standing at Constanta in Romania.
    What was the procedure like? When did you actually get confirmation of the transfer/advanced standing.
    Also, I heard that Constanta is very strict and inflexible, in that, you must attend classes, and that that professors are not open to negotiating submitting late papers or giving make-up exams.
    Now, I also heard quite the opposite from someone from the USA who enrolled, had to return to the USA for most of the semester (due to a family emergency) but was allowed to complete the courses while being in touch with the school and faculty. Can you speak to any of this?
  7. drpradeepfauzdar84 said:
    hi friend...r u still in romania.....? can we talk on phone sometime ..please give me your cell number.i am dr.pradeep from india completed my mbbs from india and planning to do my postgraduation in interventional cardiology from romania..can you please tell me how to get admissiona and key requirements and level of medicine and clinical exposure in it worthful to admission there?..please do reply eagerly waiting.....
  8. whitehouseforall said:
    medicine in Romania is very ok especially with very good clinical rotations (3rd to 6th year). At the depends on the individual level...
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  9. whitehouseforall said:

    Follow your Instinct...

    I do not understand why some people have paranoia when it comes to agents helping students with the admission processes. there is nothing wrong in using educational agencies..of course if your 'pocket can afford it'. Agencies assist students all over the world. their product is their service. they sell their service to interested applicants. some of the reliable ones also monitor the applicants file very closely at the ministry.

    The problem is, are most of these agencies in Romania legitimate? No. Are some of them accredited' by the university. No. A few agencies are accredited though and it is hard sometimes for a prospective medical student to know which one is reliable and trusthworthy. I used agency to get into Romanian medical school and they were quite helpful from the start til finish (till i started classes) whereas some of my fellow classmates have bad experiences (e.g most of the agencies did not deliver what they promise and some of them even charge outrages prices of over 2000-3000 EUR---tuition fee amount in some schools and do not help the student or even meet them at the airport!). Students should not also forget that they can apply on their own if they want to.
    when I weighed difficulty i had to go through of applying on my own versus if i can afford to pay an agency, I opted for the latter...I was not ready to thread on grounds i know nothing about...I was not ready to go through much headaches (especially after being rejected at 3 universities in the UK despite excellent results, voluntary services, etc)...

    Although I have seen people who applied on their own (i applied on behalf of a friend last year in order to bypass agencies) and obtain the acceptance letters..some of these people have friends in Romania..some of them are seasoned travelers (flying to and fro at different times)...I was not ready to go through such headaches..the agency in my case was very helpful and served as my correspondence' sort of. Why would I risk my educational (medical) career on a small error in application or on a missing document for example (yes..i was contacted by the agency to prepare my documents in a more proper way and send some additional documents to them), also...Once your documents are submitted to the Ministry you have very little chance of tracing the progress of your application or let alone getting confirmation that the file was received except if you travel there and submit your documents! Why would I risk my application on lack of accountability for my file? And what about if you trvae there and submit them, try follow it up on telephone for example...try call the person who received the documents or the officials at the minsitry, and see if they pick up the phone at all or if they have an idea what we were talking about..not really! i was also thinking about how I would have handled the 'courier of my acceptance letter' when it was issued (yes, was couriered to me not standard post) or how would i know that I had some missing/improperly prepared documents...

    You can also answer these questions... Do you really think a secretary speaking in broken English is going to give you satisfactory answers to your 13 questions? Or how about advising you on how to apply for your temporary visa permit and how much money to budget for an apartment? or link you to a local agent to find an apartment accommodation for you? Some universities e.g Cluj-Napoca who do still accept applications directly will review your file and make a decision on whether they want you as a student, with no clearly defined criteria. Why put your application through an additional layer of screening? or sometimes one does not even know the process...a good educational agency will be honest with you and let you know the specifications of each university and let you avoid unnecessary bureaucracies.

    Finally, ever wondered how long it will take to complete your application and receive the acceptance letter? Think about postal services, internal delays and rectifying any issues. Imagine trying to find out why your application was rejected from a giant machine like a Ministry of Education! Or why the missing document that you clearly remember submitting disappeared. It could take a really long time. Have you got lots of time to spare on unnecessary inconveniences?

    Of course, it is advisable for students on a very tight budget to apply on their own and see if they are successful or not..why not take a chance? also if a student applied earlier, let say between march/April-May, all these inconveniences may be resolved (the student must be 'serious/insist' to resolve it) before the school resumes in October..but for would have just been too much headache and a nightmare...besides...I was able to afford it
  10. mdstudent14 said:
    well chaplier didnt have any answer for that.

    I used an agency and i didnt go through any problems, i paid 1000 euro and got the amission. the agency i know is very good, and i recomend all new students to use agency. coz i one of my friend did on his own, he had to buy ticket to romania wich cost him 350 euro, than stay there for 1 week to get the acceptance letter and than he had to go to university to submitt and ge enrolled. so he spent almost 1200 euro on his own with all expenses just to get enrolled.

    i didnt have time to go through all this so i just paid an agent hi did all this for me, and i got the admission.

    what Dr alok is saying i agree with him. if u have MONEY TO SPEND AND LOOKING FOR COMFORT SPEND IT AND GET ADMISSION EASY WAY, if you want to go through a hell with ministry of education by ur own then do it, but dont complain after.
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