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I want to start study THIS year medicine!! any agents.????????

Thread: I want to start study THIS year medicine!! any agents.????????

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  1. Somnor said:

    Lightbulb I want to start study THIS year medicine!! any agents.????????

    Hi. I need a agency that can squeeze me into this year start of the medicine schools in Romania!

    And yeah! I know im late when it comes to applying perhaps???

    Anyone out there????

    Please answer asap as the schools start next month!!!!!

    And please there are lots of scammers out there so keep away. Im good at finding out such stuff!!!!!!

    help will be much help will be much appreciated...

    for instance You help me. I help someone else, and that "someone else" will help another one and the world will be a better place to live in


    have a great day!!!
  2. Somnor said:
    Ps: Im from Norway....
  3. Medicalstudentuk said:
    pm u, check it out
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  4. Dr.Ali1 said:
    Hello. If you have all youre documents arranged i can get you in. It also depends which university you are interested in respectively. Please do write me an e-mail on amrdns1 @ yho dot com with all youre details as soon as possible.
  5. a7med said:
    any agent PM me urgently .... thank you
  6. lubnaelle said:
    medlink students is a good agency and actually it is the only agency i know. but i know they are very helpful,honest and friendly since i applied through their help.
  7. shahata said:
    i used medlink students and i was very satisfied, they were better than i expected. very fast.
  8. Shaz123 said:
    Can you send me the details of this agency.
  9. ChipsPaus said:
    Would you suggest its better to apply directly to Romanian universities or through Agencies? I really want to start this year in either Oradea or Arad.
  10. DrCarter said:
    shahata and lubnaelle, how are their charges? if you guys can update me please
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