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Transfer from Poland to Romanian medical school

Thread: Transfer from Poland to Romanian medical school

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  1. MedStudent.100 said:

    Transfer from Poland to Romanian medical school

    I'm currently a second year student in medicine in a polish university but I'm looking to transfer to Romania for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being financial because the tuition fee in Poland is too high.

    I have called pretty much every university there is in Romania but all of them did not give me any proper answer or were generally disorganized. Some of them told me to send an email instead which I will do.

    I'm willing to consider transferring to any med school in Romania but I don't know so much of the schools. What is written on the school webpage is rarely the reality so im posting this to get response from people that study medicine in Romania.

    What schools do you recommend? With the quality of education and the city in consideration. Constanta or Bucharest looks like nice cities to live in but how is the universities?

    Is it possible to transfer from Poland to Romania? Do you know people that have transferred from other countries to a romanian medical school? What school accepts the most transfer students? Or which schools do not accept transfer students?

    All help is appreciated. Thank you.

  2. MedEnthusiast said:
    Romanian medical schools are the worst, imo. However, if you must Cluj and Targu Mures are the best, in terms of the quality of education. Targu-mures is a very small city, but the teaching is very good & Cluj is a large well built modern city.

    Also, I would recommend visiting the actual universities & doing your own independent research before applying. You can speak with the admission staff once there.

    Yes, it is possible.
  3. DrCarter said:
    hello People, i'm also a 3rd year student from Ukraine and finished with my 1st semester courses and looking to transfer due to some problems i have with my university, ive been reading loads of threads in this forum and its been really interesting with the advice here, i've been having a look at romanian medical universities and i have come to the understanding of their admission processes and selection of first come first served basis. however the tuition fees of these universities cannot be overlooked. if any student from romanian universities are on this forum in this present time of 2017 and can pm me of their tuition fees, i would be very grateful. Thank you
  4. KateH said:
    Thank you for the post, it's very interesting.
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