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Advice on studying in romania

Thread: Advice on studying in romania

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  1. Mikhaeel said:

    Advice on studying in romania

    Hello everyone, just wanted to clarify a few things before i go ahead and apply to a romanian med school.. im a south african student studying in china wanting to transfer to second year in romania, quiet a lot i know hahaha

    I just want to know what its like? are the people friendly? how are the lecturers and labs??

    And also which uni do you recommend i apply to? and like what are the living expenses per month, im also a muslim so i also have to eat halal food, is this readily available in romania?

    I intend using medstudentadvisors for my application..?

    And just any other advice you could be so kind as to provide me with

  2. ChipsPaus said:
    maybe medlink ?
  3. Mikhaeel said:
    Quote Originally Posted by ChipsPaus View Post
    maybe medlink ?
    medlink charges a bit more than med student advisors i think ?
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