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Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk, California

Thread: Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk, California

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  1. Dru said:

    Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk

    This thread will be for Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk, CA
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  2. CaribKari said:
    Did a 6 week rotation at Metropolitan State in August of 2005.

    Metro, as it is known, is an interesting place to do the Psych core and any electives in psych you may want to do. Their program starts every 7-8 weeks and is a combination of AUC, SG and Ross students. The student program is run by Dr. Herbold who is a great lecturer, loves to have students and is more than willing to sit down with you and explain the finer aspects of the human psyche. Olivia Jones, the Student Coordinator, is a darling and will go way out of her way (as long as you're not an ***) to help you with whatever you need.

    The hospital has a forensic unit (male & female), an adolescent unit (male and female), adult chronic care unit (elderly) and a number of step down units. The staff, including all of the doctors that I encountered, enjoyed having students, spent a significant amount of time with each of us and were, almost always, around to offer pointers and help when interviewing patients. There are lectures and presentations almost every day, CME programs to take part in and lots of opportunities, for those that have the desire, to explore all sides of chronic psychiatric care at a large hospital. There is also one of those pesky Ross exams to take at the end. Students are given a lot of leeway and a lot of freedom but you are expected to be a part of the treatment team, take part in the counseling sessions, make all the lectures and clinical presentations. Note on the Ross exam: It is so outdated that I doubt it is a good reflection of the knowledge you have gained during the rotation. This is one of those exams where you walk away wondering what the exam author was thinking when they wrote the exam.

    With all that said, I don't think a psych rotation at MSH is anything like our American counterparts are doing. The staff on the units are seriously overworked and the hospital, as far as I am concerned (I was assigned to an adolescent unit), has had a hard time separating those that truly need psychiatric care and those that are "working" the system, i.e. psych hospital instead of going to jail. Because many of the units have behavioral problem patients/inmates, the time (and caring) that should be given to those in real need is, instead, spent defending the more developmentally delayed from the roving gangs that are constantly causing riots and beating senseless those that can't defend themselves. The staff is caring, for the most part, and tired of having to defend the needy patients from physical and emotional abuse.

    You can get information on living accommodations from Olivia Jones, the Student Coordinator. There are a number of hotels in the area that cater to the business traveler and have “deals” for short stays. I chose to live in Brea, which is 20 miles east of the hospital and an easy commute (about 45 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the afternoon). There is an apartment complex in Brea, Country Hills Apts, that you can find online who were willing to rent to me (at a large premium) for 6 weeks. Norwalk is close (not near) the beach and the mountains and you can spend your weekends swimming or hiking and Ontario airport is a good place to fly in/out of. It’s a lot cheaper than LA and has less traffic.
  3. butters's Avatar

    butters said:

    CA not CT


    this facility is in norwalk, CA, not norwalk, CT.

    also, can u perhaps list the state each facility is located in...sometimes it's hard to figure out where the hospital is (i actually thought the long beach, ny site was in long beach, ca).

  4. blue202md said:
    Norwalk is a great place to do psych if you want to stay in california and enjoy the beaches. Trust me you will, since no one stayed there past 12 noon. The mornings are scheduled with "malls" which are group therapy for the patients. If you pick and choose the interesting ones, you will gain from the experience. But if you go to the arts/crafts, there is no educational point. The afternoons are scheduled for team meetings with the patient re: their progress, medication etc etc. This is a great rotation to do before step 2, since you will have ample time to study. The folks there are all state employees, so imagine DMV! Dr ****** is a forensic expert and a wealth of knowledge, but nothing will apply to step 2 material.
  5. swan02 said:
    hi...just this an acgme approved rotation because i was having a hard time finding it on the website....also, i'm definitely interested in getting licensure in California, and does this rotation cause any problems (ie, for example the DO rotations can create problems later)....

    also, i'm starting out with this rotation (my very first one) mostly so i can stay in califonria and try to work out other rotations here....any comments or suggestions?

    thanks a bunch guys!
  6. TopGunner's Avatar

    TopGunner said:
    How's the neighborhood? I might be starting here in a month for Psych. Is anyone else going?
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  7. MedChe's Avatar

    MedChe said:
    anyone do any electives here? any advice on how good the program is?
  8. butters's Avatar

    butters said:

    RE: Greenbook Status

    Just so everyone knows...Charles R. Drew University which is the sponsoring institution for Metro has Voluntarily withdrawn its Residency programs. That means the greenbook status of Metro may be affected. I haven't yet seen it listed anywhere else as a participating institution.

    The withdrawal goes into effect 6/30/07 so anyone rotating there after this date, be sure to check with your state med board.
  9. MedChe's Avatar

    MedChe said:
    does anyone know where are good places to stay while doing electives/cores at norwalk? where do other students usually stay? any advice would help!
  10. MedChe's Avatar

    MedChe said:
    just did a 4 week elective here. Was awesome... Defintly good for people into pyschiatry...especially forensics and child. Plus your in california!!!
    The people that run the, program director were also amazing.
    Days are short as someone mentioned earlier in the post described.
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