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Staten Island University Hospital

Thread: Staten Island University Hospital

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  1. Dru said:

    Staten Island University Hospital

    New site for Ross. The hospital has 775 beds and delivers over 3000 babies each year. So far I know it offers Peds to Rossies.
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  2. medicinssansfrontieres said:
    has anyone done peds here?
  3. ross11 said:
    Has anyone done a neuro elective here? Could you please share how it was?

    thanks soo much!
  4. txdoc22 said:
    same question. anyone done any electives here at all? in particular, the med sub-i or the hem/onc?
  5. txdoc22 said:
    I start hem/onc here tomorrow. Anyone done this?
  6. AJ. said:
    Has anyone done surgery here? What are the hours/requirements/tests/atmosphere like? Would anyone recommend this rotation...why or why not? Thank you.
  7. Smatty4483 said:
    I did a Sub- I there. Hours are normal surg hours. I recommend never leaving. Its was a good rotation and I got to learn a lot from the R-3's. It was very self-directed and I made sure I was in the OR all the time as opposed to the floors. (you can argue that i should be more of an intern but hey, free cases!) Twice weekly lectures which was nice. I took Q4 call. mostly auc/saba kids though. Overall a nice area and hospital. the program director, if he likes you, is a well respected CT surgeon and would be a powerful letter if surg is what you're looking for.
  8. AJ. said:
    Thanks for the feedback Smatty4483.
  9. txdoc22 said:
    Just finished a 6 week Hem/Onc elective here. (I want to go into hem/onc, which is why I did such a long rotation.) Excellent rotation!!! The day starts around 9:00ish and you go do consults, which doesn't sound like much, but I really learned a LOT on this one. The fellows and residents were super nice and the attendings are great. Some teach more than others, but they are all very nice and focused on teaching. They include the student(s) as part of the team and make sure you're kept in the loop. You also get opportunities to watch bone marrow biopsies/aspirates and look at peripheral smears for some consults that need a little more investigating. Great learning experience. Everyone is very laid back so it's an environment conducive to learning without making you feel stupid. Recommend it to anyone!
  10. doctorbubbles said:
    anyone have any housing suggestions? i start here in september.
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