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Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

Thread: Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

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  1. Dru said:

    Good Samaritan Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

    another new one!

    Best wishes,
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
  2. sarina said:
    my friend said this hospital is in the ghetto and you'll be lucky to make it home alive if you leave at night.
  3. ambareen said:

    im at good samaritan in baltimore right now

    I just started one month ago. First off, for baltimore this is not the ghetto at all. I live in Towson maryland 5 minutes away from the hospital and it is a nice suburb. I mean its baltimore which is more ghetto than the average place, but compared to harbor hospital or any of the other hospitals in baltimore it is the best in terms of location. The training is also very good. You have lectures all of the time, teaching rounds atleast 3 times a week and you learn a lot...all of the residents and attending physicians are really nice for the most part which makes a huge difference. I would recommend this place to anyone.
  4. ambareen said:

    one more thing

    Most of the lectures and some of the teaching rounds are done by big figures from John's Hopkins..its a great opportunity for networking!
  5. kerryb said:
    what rotations/electives does Ross have at Good Sam?
  6. ILPsychDoc's Avatar

    ILPsychDoc said:
    Quote Originally Posted by kerryb View Post
    what rotations/electives does Ross have at Good Sam?
    All I know is that there is a "special" internal medicine rotation... See you there!
    Medicine is learned by the bedside and not in the classroom. Let not your conceptions of disease come from words heard in the lecture room or read from the book. See, and then reason and compare and control. But see first. William Osler, MD (1849- 1919)
  7. dingaling said:
    can anyone recommend places to stay, such as good or bad neighborhoods that are convenient?

    much appreciated, i am not familiar at all with this city.
  8. txdoc22 said:
    Has anyone done a medicine sub-i here?
  9. rossmed12 said:
    Hey! Can anyone comment on the IM core rotation at Good Samaritan? Thanks!
  10. faith7110 said:
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm starting IM at Good Sam on June 28th...can anyone comment on the hours, lectures, etc? Thanks!
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