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St. Mary's Medical Center - Long Beach, Ca

Thread: St. Mary's Medical Center - Long Beach, Ca

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    medic300107 said:

    St. Mary's Medical Center - Long Beach, Ca

    New site added to the clinical forums If you have any helpful information please post for others interested.
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    medic300107 said:
    Quote Originally Posted by OlderMD2B View Post
    St. Mary’s is a well organized program six weeks in-patient and six weeks out-patient. Average two to three hours of didactic every day.
    Taken from a previous post for those interested.
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  3. OlderMD2B said:

    St. Mary’s IM Core Rotation: Will organized. There are fourRoss students in the IM rotation and two UCLA students. The Ross program is divided into six weeks ofinpatient and six weeks of outpatient. Two Ross students do outpatient while the other two are inpatient, aftersix weeks they switch. [The UCLAstudents are only inpatient for four weeks and then two other UCLA students comefor inpatient.]

    For inpatient you are on duty six days a week with callevery four days, no holidays or weekends. You are assigned to a team of one R3/R2, one R1 and you the medicalstudent. The day is pre-round before8:00 a.m.; attend Morning Conference at 8:00 a.m. {M to F}; round withattending; Noon conference {M to F, includes lunch}; and 1:30 p.m. lecture formedical students. The Conferences arefor all residents and medical students and are educationally related. See for a breakdown: {Look under didactics)

    Out patient is M to F with weekends and holidays off. Some is at St. Mary’s Resident’s clinic andsome at local MD’s offices which are about a 7 mile drive from St. Mary’s. You still attend Morning and Noon Conferenceand afternoon lecture unless you are scheduled to be off site.

    At the end of the twelve weeks, there is an in-houseexamination. It is based on “Step-Up-to-Medicine”.

    Cost of living: LongBeach is a beach community, the Hospital is about three miles away from the beach and beingsummer, you will have a higher cost for rent. {Bring your swim suit.}
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    medic300107 said:
    Great review, thanks for posting!
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  5. fewl said:
    Thanks for the post! Starting there July 4, anyone else going to be with me?
  6. Carbunkle said:
    Housing opportunity for IM core at St. Mary's, I am renting a room just 12 minutes south of the hospital in a safe and beautiful area, Belmont Shore. For me, it has been a very pleasant renting experience. Here is a some info from my roommate, Cheryl, her email is [email protected]

    Hi there,

    June 2nd..... I have a room available in a Townhouse near the water in Belmont Shore, Long Beach.
    I'm a very clean, respectful, healthy Yoga Teacher ( can take my class anytime for free ~ Not hippie ...just healthy.
    The room is fully furnished, I always receive nice complements on the decor of my place.
    I'm sure my previous tenants would have only positive statements ~ currently I have a med student renting, his rounds finish end of May

    No pets, no drugs, non smoking .....serious students have been my best tenants.

    Nice tropical garden area to drink coffee or study, have a glass of wine.
    Steps to the beach, Second Street, great gym ....5min. to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Best Buy, movie theater etc..

    The rent includes:
    -monthly maid service
    -all utilities
    -stocked kitchen
    -standard rental agreement
    Lot's of great restaurants, shops, kayaking, public transportation, social life etc..right down the street. Parking is never difficult. I currently have a Med. Student renting...but he leaves end of May.

    $850mo. First & last
  7. nrai2001 said:
    Any new info on this site?
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