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Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, IL

Thread: Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, IL

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    medic300107 said:

    Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, IL

    Please share experiences. I hear it's a good site!
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    gfliptastic said:
    I can post. I did two electives there as follows:

    EM - Wow. That's probably as good as it gets. Granted, no you aren't at Cook County, but guess where all the calls that get bounced from County go?? Sinai. And it's intense. But you can do as much or as little as you want. Go for more if you want that SLOR tho!!! Major qualifier is, it's 4 weeks of rotating 8 hour shifts (7a-2p, 2p-10p, 10p-7a) and ALSO you only do 1 week at MSH. The other 3 weeks are at Holy Cross, down the road 6-7 miles. Holy Cross is where you will more likely work w/ the attendings who are going to write your SLOR. And it's rarely slow there as well. And if it IS slow, you can always do "Fast Track" which are all the ED cases that can be comfortably done by PA's. You can rack up your procedure count (a requirement of the elective) by working w/ the PA's. I obviously did the rotation for the experience (as I'm an IM intern who had no intention of doing EM) but even from my fellow PGY1's who did the elective for the SLOR, they liked it. It's NOT a blow off. Nor is it an easy A. Or an A for that matter. In fact, you will be told at EM orientation you will probably NOT be getting an A. They actually grade lol A's are for EM-allstars (aka - folks who go balls out and probably want to do EM). So don't take it lightly. You WILL get worked, you WILL get exhausted, but it is really good for the experience!

    Anesthesia - Yeah, I took gas so that I could fulfill a surgical elective requirement (which was moot by the time I got to it since I did 12 weeks of Surg [now only 8]). This is a really chill rotation. I in fact was the slacker-est of slackers and got an A...even tho not everyone gets A's - some B's are given. Basically you show up at 7am, check the board for a gas attending you want to work w/ - and you are encouraged to try to work w/ all of them. You shadow that attending. You WILL be asked to pre oxygenate and do the airway (be it LMA or ET tube). Once the patient is out, you will be asked if you want to discuss anything during the procedure OR you will be given the option to leave and come back so you can "read in the library". I put it in quotes cuz I always tubed my patient and then went to the cafeteria and hung out w/ my fellow med students. ALSO, I picked the attending w/ the fewest surgeries every day. I was going home by 1 pretty much all the time! 3 weeks of OR. 1 week of OB, which usually is dying of boredom waiting for a woman to go into labor who needs an epi (which you won't do). So it's basically 1 week of OB observation. This is loosely managed by the rotating gas attending, often times they forget you are there and won't call you if you go eat and some woman goes into labor. Again, I usually sat in the caf and checked every 30 mins if anything was happening. Home by 2. There's also a written exam. So be careful. I only did well because I happened to do the elective w/ a classmate who went into gas, so he gave me all the answers.
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