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Housing At Ross U.s. Clinical Sites

Thread: Housing At Ross U.s. Clinical Sites

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  1. Dru said:

    Housing At Ross U.s. Clinical Sites

    This thread is a sticky posted to assist Ross students seeking housing at individual clinical clerkship sites. If you have suggestions about safety and security in areas, benefits of certain living areas, or questions...this is the place to post. Duplicate threads will be locked and linked to this one in the future.

    Best wishes as you enter the final phase of med school, and good luck to you as you enter the clinical arena!
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
  2. shwack said:


    Can someone please tell me how Larkin is for FP
  3. Shah_Patel_PT's Avatar

    Shah_Patel_PT said:

    Re: Larkin

    Quote Originally Posted by shwack
    Can someone please tell me how Larkin is for FP
    Similar to 5th do a power presentation or two..and you have the "good old" write-up. Larkin is a small hospital across from the 7000 bldg in Miami.

    I would not advice doing FP here.
  4. DBob1172 said:


    My wife and I are looking to live in North Queens for my rotations. Does anyone know of decent neighborhoods, or have any leads on apartments? Thanx....
  5. singer said:

    nice areas


    I haven't been there in many years but Whitestone was a nice area.
    When you become my age you will realize all of the hard work and studying was worth the effort.
    "60 years young" another 60 to go if my doctor sons keep me alive with free prescriptions!!
  6. Misleader1911 said:

    Housing: Airport Villa's

    Contact Person: Anthony
    Telephone: 305 649-9000 or 800 700-7008
    Address: 4325 NW 18th Street, Miami 33126
    Email: [email protected]

    Airport Villa's is within 15-20 minute drive from the 7000 Building and the Hyatt. It is also in a central location and easy to navigate with regard to the clinical sites. A description from their webiste is provided below. Many other students stayed here and personally, I found it more than adequate in terms of my living and studying accommodations.

    Airport Villas Miami Apartments we have some of the finest apartments in Miami. Our brand new fully furnished apartments, feature European style kitchens, new floor and wall coverings.

    While Airport Villas is only minutes from Miami International Airport our suites are clean, quiet and cozy. Airport Villas is only minutes from downtown Miami, Miami Lakes and is also only five minutes from UM/Jackson Memorial Hospital and less then 20 minutes from University of Miami or Florida International University, making Airport Villas one of the most accessible rental communities in Miami.
  7. alpathmd said:

    Re: Queens...

    Quote Originally Posted by DBob1172
    My wife and I are looking to live in North Queens for my rotations. Does anyone know of decent neighborhoods, or have any leads on apartments? Thanx....
    I lived near Jamaica Hospital. It wasn't the best neighborhood but it was conveniently located for those who had cars and those who rode the subway.

    It's near the Jamaica/VanWyck stop on the E line and Jamaica Ave and VanWyck Expressway if you drive.

    1 mile to CMC, 5 min drive to QHC..20 min ride on the E train into East Side manhattan. 5 min drive to JFK.

    If you ask Ross for a NY housing list (i.e your clinical advisor) they will have several options available.

  8. ra2j said:

    DBob queens housing question

    Hey DBob,

    I'm living in Middle Village (right in the middle of Queens) and love it. Pay $1200 a month for a 2 BR all util. included (whole floor of a 2 story house). Only thing not to love about this neighborhood is only one subway connect - M train (10 min walk from my house)wihch is great for Wyckoff, Jamaica, Kings, Peninsula and everything south of here but sux if you're headed north.

    My wife got the NY housing list from the Ross office and just started calling landlords and asking lots of questions. Always ask the person to recommend someone else if they don't have an opening.

    One think you HAVE to do is look before you buy. So many places sound so good on the phone or on a website and then when you walk in so if you have to get a hotel for a few days when you first get here, it's worth it.

    hope this helps, good luck!!
  9. Skip Intro said:

    Re: Larkin

    Quote Originally Posted by shwack
    Can someone please tell me how Larkin is for FP
    Larkin Hospital, owned by ********, is not a place any reasonable and well-informed student would want to be associated with.

    In a presentation given by the New York Comptroller's office on "Procurement Fraud and Ethics", ******* is cited as a physician who "referred patients from his long-term facilities to Larkin Hospital". It is further stated by the presenters that these patients "had no medical need to be there", that ********"received Kick Backs from Larkin Hospital for the referrals", and "he received 2+ million from Medicare."

    ******** was investigated by the State of Florida for alleged wrong doing (see story in this newsletter)...

    ... and, through some clever legal maneuvering, got the case thrown out on a technicality.

    Be your own judge as to whether or not you want your permanent medical training record to have this institution listed on your credentials as one of your training sites.



    ********=edited by moderator. The poster has violated TOS by repeatedly using an individual's proper name, regardless of the global no-names announcement. It is further noted that this posting is not relavent to the subject of Ross students finding adequate housing at their clinical sites.
  10. HaitianSensation said:


    Is RUH only for sirst semesters?
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