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  1. Dru said:

    New Sub-Forum

    Hi, folks!! This forum has been developed in an effort to continue the preservation of information about Ross clinical sites in the U.S. I will try to transfer as much info to it as possible from the "sticky" previously developed for the same purpose. If new threads are posted on the Ross Forum about the topic, I will transfer them to here to the appropriate thread. We can keep individual threads about each clinical site, and it will hopefully aid you in knowing a little more about each hospital. I will moderate the sub-forum, so keep it clean and follow the TOS.

    Best wishes to all of you!!
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
  2. Dru said:

    Updated list of clinical sites as of 5/4/05

    I have been waiting for the current up-to-date list of current clinical sites for RUSM. They were requested from the Director or Clinical Education, and her assistant has emailed the following information. I'm am forwarding it directly to you. (Received and posted on 5/4/05)


    Ross University has affiliation agreements with over 40 teaching hospitals. Students can elect to participate in clinical training in affiliated teaching hospitals in the U.S. or in Dominica.

    Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Colton, CA
    Kern Medical Center, Bakersfield, CA
    Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk, CA

    Griffin Hospital, Derby, CT
    St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury, CT

    Greater Miami Health Education
    & Training Centers, Miami, FL
    Larkin Community Hospital, Miami, FL

    Southwest Georgia Family Medicine,
    Albany, GA

    Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL
    ******* Reese Medical Center, Chicago, IL
    St. Anthony’s Hospital, Chicago, IL

    St. Mary’s Medical Center, Evansville, IN

    Harbor Hospital Center, Baltimore, MD
    Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD
    Prince George's Hospital Center, Cheverly, MD
    Spring Grove Hospital Center, Catonsville, MD
    St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, MD
    Union Memorial, Baltimore, MD

    Cape Cod Hospital, Hyannis, MA

    Raritan Bay Medical Center, Perth-Amboy, NJ
    Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ
    St. Mary’s Hospital, Hoboken, NJ
    Bergen Regional Medical Center, Paramus, NJ

    Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Bronx, NY
    Brookdale Hospital Medical Center
    Brooklyn, NY
    Catholic Medical Center, Jamaica, NY
    Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York, NY
    Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Jamaica, NY
    King’s County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, NY
    Long Beach Medical Center, Long Beach, NY
    Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
    Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
    Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
    Mount Vernon Hospital, Mt. Vernon, NY
    Peninsula Hospital, Far Rockaway, NY
    Queens Hospital Center, Jamaica, NY
    Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY
    St. Clare's Hospital of Schenectady, NY
    St. Barnabas Hospital (NYC)
    St. John’s Episcopal Hospital
    Far Rockaway, NY
    Wyckoff Hts. Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

    West Hills Hospital, Reno, NV

    Huron Hospital, Cleveland, OH

    St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington, DC
    National Institutes of Health/NIH

    Princess Margaret Hospital, Roseau, Dominica
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
  3. singer said:

    good job


    Good idea on the sub-forum for clinicals. The list from Ross has the affiliated hospitals but it would be nice if they listed which core clinical rotations are approved by Ross incase a student wants to request a particular rotation. Also if they could indicate on the list which rotations are ACGMe and which are DO that would also be very helpful. It seems that Ross should have this information but refuse to divulge it publicly. Sometimes trying to find the info on the ACGME site becomes difficult.
    When you become my age you will realize all of the hard work and studying was worth the effort.
    "60 years young" another 60 to go if my doctor sons keep me alive with free prescriptions!!
  4. alpathmd said:

    MD hospitals

    Here are 2 additional hospitals in the Baltimore, MD area:

    Maryland General Hospital: able to do electives there, easy scheduling, ask Ross for the contact # for the medical education co-ordinator.

    ******** Pratt: most likely able to do a Psyche Elective here.
    Ross University Forum Moderator

    PGY-3 Pathology ResidentHidden Content

  5. saywhat said:

    Surgery at Brookdale

    Does anyone know what surgery is like at Brookdale hospital? How about at CMC? Thanks.
  6. Dru said:

    important data re. clinical rotations

    The following thread contains important informative data:
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
  7. singer said:

    new sites

    Ross has added afew new clinical sites.

    Riverside County Regional med center, Ca. (all cores andelectives)

    St Vincents medical center , CT (Im and surgery)

    Commache County hospital , OK (FM)

    Hope this helps!
    When you become my age you will realize all of the hard work and studying was worth the effort.
    "60 years young" another 60 to go if my doctor sons keep me alive with free prescriptions!!
  8. Dru said:
    For a chart with individual state's requirements for medical licensure, see:
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
  9. twosuave said:
    Can Ross students do all cores and electives at Riverside ?
  10. Dru said:
    This would be a good question to ask Dr. Perry, who is charge of clinical education. After you get your answer, please post on the Riverside thread. Thanks.
    Moderator - Ross University Forum
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