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St. Mary's, Waterbury, CT

Thread: St. Mary's, Waterbury, CT

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  1. Dru said:

    St. Mary's, Waterbury, CT

    Alpathmd: I've heard the St.Mary's Surgery Core is pretty good but tough. The attendings are not nice to the students, but you'll learn alot and scrub in for alot of cases.
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  2. Chianti said:
    Every Rossie should, in my opinion, request to do their Medicine and Surgery core here. St. Mary's is a Yale hospital. Its a very, very nice hospital and a great place to learn.

    You can't top the medicine rotation here. The residents are Yale residents and many of the attendings are Yale faculty. Long hours, frequent call, but you learn a lot.

    Surgery here is a pain in the butt (that better Dru?), to say the least, but its a great rotation. Working hours are 4:45 AM - to about 6:30 on a regular day, with call q4. Expect to get 2-3 hours of sleep on a good night of call. Lots of trauma and lots of opportunity to do procedures. Overall a great learning exerience, even if you don't like surgery. Three months of hell, but looking back it was well worth it.
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  3. maybatch2000 said:
    Currently doing my surgery here. Pretty rough as described as above. Wednesdays are academic days where we get 8 hours of lectures. Our PD for surgery is very well known. He invented the ingredients in TPN! Recently the yale medicine has moved to a different hospital. But ross students are the only ones who can do Medicine rotation here. They also offer a few surgery electives and a few internal medicine rotations. BTW surgery students get free food 3 times a day. If you want to become a surgon, this would be the place to be.
  4. Dru said:
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  5. backtocali said:
    Hi... can anyone tell me more about the rotation in terms of schedule, how many students are with you, where to live? Thanks!
  6. mike233204 said:
    Can you specity what rotation? There is a couple you can do at St. Marys...
  7. backtocali said:

    Surgery rotation

    Hey mike, i'll be starting in 2 weeks... thanks for your help!
  8. pollywollywolly said:

    st.marys shelf?

    is there a shelf exam for im and surgery at this site?
  9. ForceMD said:

    Internal Medicine Core

    Alright, seems like we've all been too busy with our rotations that we just haven't been able to give updates on how the various clinical sites are. I've been trying to find up-to-date information on various sites on electives but to no avail. So here's my contribution in the likelihood that there might be someone looking for info on St. Mary's. IN RETURN, I HOPE PEOPLE START TAKING THEIR TIME OUT TO GIVE SOME UPDATED REVIEWS OF THEIR CLERKSHIPS. I realize most postings are from 2003 or so across the forum, and we all know that residents and interns from then are probably gone by now. And also that most of your rotation experience does depend on what kind of resident and intern you work with. So... with that, here's the scoop on St. Mary's Internal Medicine Core in Waterbury, CT.

    To begin with, I am the only student in internal medicine here. And from what I've heard, the program only accepts students from Ross and for any given three month core, they only accept one. (unlike surgery)... This is because they have an active observership program here and many graduated foreign docs rotate through here as observers...

    So, what's the rotation like? Well, you are put on a patient care team with a resident, an intern, and an attending, which all change every month. The floor rotation consists of four teams one of which you are on. As a team, you manage a given number of patients. What's your responsibility as a student? Well, they test your limit, and give you responsibilities according to how much you want to partake and what you can handle. I manage a maximum of three patients at any given time, which includes up to two new admissions on each call day.

    Hours: 6:00am - 3-5pm daily (much later on call days)
    Call: Q4 which means every 4 days. (yes, includes weekends). for a given month, you get one full weekend off, one full weekend working, and two half weekends... so mosty you work 6 days, and yes a full 12 days straight once a month.
    Notes: I write all notes for my patients including orders.. which are cosigned by the resident or the intern... H&P for every new admit, admit orders for the floor, daily progress notes, daily orders and help fill discharge papers...
    Responsilbities: Put together patient information, labs, and issues and be able to present in one cohesive rounds presentation and recommend daily management for issues that the patient may have including attending notes, discussion with attendings, and patient advocacy...
    Meals: Breakfast and lunch with morning reports and noon conferences which are daily. Plus meal tickets for the cafeteria. (Yes, that means free food throughout the rotation)
    Daily Schedule: Mo, Wed, Frid (7:00 - 8:00) cardiology rounds
    Everyday, (8:00-9:00) morning report (case presentation), Grand Rounds every Tuesday
    9:00 - 12:00 work rounds and patient care
    12:00 - 1:00 noon conference
    1:30 - 2:30 med student and observer lecture
    2:30 - 3,4,5 patient care
    If on call - stay until dismissed (no overnight) latest I've gotten out was 12:30 am
    Remember if you have patients, that means pre-rounding before anything starts on any day so that means an hour to 2 hours before your day starts you should pre-round your patients.

    I think that's the program in a nutshell.... The staff is great here, the hospital is well kept, clean, and facilities are modern. Nurses are wonderful, residents depending on who you work with can be great or not.. Attendings and faculty are very knowledgeable and love teach. Although the residency program has now branched off from Yale, they still have Yale elective students rotate through and the faculty has not changed much so they are still the same faculty when it was a Yale affiliated program....

    One more thing... if you do plan on coming here, although it's great being only 5 minutes away from the hospital, if you don't mind traveling about 20 minutes each way, I would advice you to stay in New Haven... A much livelier place than Waterbury. New Haven is a college town (Yale) and it really is a better place to live (i imagine). I stayed here in Waterbury.

    Well, good luck all!!!... I know, it's been a while since I posted... miss me?
    - May the Force be with you - Hidden Content
  10. singer said:

    great job


    You actual found some freetime to do such a lengthly but very descriptive detailed explanation of a clinical rotation. The only unfortunate thine is that only 4 Ross students can rotate in a year. Unfortunately it seems many of ROSS affiliated sites take very few students, if any at all. Never here anyone doing rotationsat LICH. Ross should put on the clinical list that it hands out to students at the beginning of the 3rd year showing the affilated hospitls and the rotations at each hospital the number of rotations slots available. This might show that 20% of the hospitals have 80% of the rotations.
    When you become my age you will realize all of the hard work and studying was worth the effort.
    "60 years young" another 60 to go if my doctor sons keep me alive with free prescriptions!!
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