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Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago

Thread: Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago

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  1. Dru said:

    Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago

    CA Willy wrote re. Jackson Park accreditation:

    "According to my research, JP qualifies for CA Med Bd by virtue of the fact that they have an ACGME accredited Family Practice residency. They are also affiliated with the Chicago Medical School, but I don't know whether it is "major" or not. You'd have to get that information from the Graduate Medical Education Directory ("Green Book"). Nevertheless, all your rotations done at JP would be approved by CA Med Bd. As always, though, I would encourage you to independently varify this as I don't want the responsibility of leading you astray!!"
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  2. smashweasel's Avatar

    smashweasel said:
    Has anyone done rotations here? I just got accepted to Ross and my in-laws are asking about rotations that I might do in their area. Anyway......
  3. jim said:


    I was there 5 years ago. so things may be different. but here goes.

    IM- dr k**** takes a small group, usually only 5 or 6. he only takes Ross or Chicago med or Rush students(you will also see students there at JPH from AUC, Saba, SMU). K**** works you like a dog, but teaches you an amazing amount, as he treats you like a residnet. my first day of rotation, i had to put in a temporary pacemaker! He talked me through it, but it was nerve wracking! If you dont get k****, you get another guy or a resident, and the groups are much larger, things are more slack, but you dont learn near as much. call is about Q6 to Q9.

    OB- DR S***. lectures every day. excellent. step 2 felt like it was straight out of his mouth! deliveries are hot and cold. my friend finsihed the rotation the friday before i started, and said they had only 3 deliveries during the daytime the whole rotation. that monday, my first day, we had 3 before lunch! He allows you to do the actual deliveries, as well as assist in c-sections. you are on call about every 6 days. usually a few deliveries on call.residents at night less likely to allow you to do delivery.

    surgery- dont do it here if you want to go into surgery. slow. lectures every day. no call. no traumas. mostly elective stuff.

    peds- all outpatient. office off site. dont remember the docs name, but he was a decent lecturer. group of about 8, of which 2 were from UIC.

    psych- a waste of time. not much in lectures. home early all the time.

    ER- good elective. lots of hands on. usually very busy small ER(about 12 beds, but in the hood, so lots of action, though major trauma eventually gets shipped out.)

    Cards- outpatient. excellent teaching. m-f, 9 to 5.

    anesthesia- boring. you do lots of lines, IVs. otherwise, watch a lot of surgeries.

    like i said, its been a few years, so thing may have changed.
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  4. ERMD5 said:
    I just finished in Chicago.
    Yah things have changed a little bit. I also rotated with Dr. K**** for IM and I believe now he takes students from any school. We had ppl from Ross, and MUA in our group there were 8 of us.
    Peds is with Dr. M*********. She seems mean, but is awesome and very good teacher. Its still all out patient.
    There is a new surgery rotation introduced under Dr. R**** thats the one I did. Lots of traveling in this rotation, but it was good because u get to go to Rush and st. berbards besides JPH, and ofcourse there are not that many surgeries at JPH.
    Psych is the most laid back rotation I did there with Dr. R**********.
    I did Ob/GYn at Michelle Reese instead of JPH becuz I wanted to get more experience ....awesome rotation but call schedule is Q4 days.
    Electives at JPH that are great are ER and ID. I learned the most in these rotations. Nephrology is a good one too.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Bhoot said:

    another consideration

    For those of you in the Chicago area doing rotations, what is the schedule like (in general)? I ask, because I am going into rotations as a single parent and need to get my system and back ups well planned. I know it may be different from day to day but any general observations about time would be helpful.
  6. naperthrill said:

    time issues

    to be honest it really depends on what rotation you do and whom you do it with. There are people in chicago doing Surgery through Ross who dont go in every day or maybe only go for a few hours. On the other hand, there are also students who go in from 5-6-7am and dont leave till the evening. I think you can ask for easier/harder rotations depending on what you want.
  7. Doc Roc said:
    Thanks so much.. hope everyone's rotations are going well.
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  8. RossMD2006 said:


    Hi Doc Roc-

    All rotations will show up as Jackson Park Hospital on the transcript. The residency programs will not know you did a pediatrics rotation in an outpatient setting unless you tell them. I did not do the rotation at JPH, but am doing rotations in the Chicago area. You can also do pediatric rotations at St. Anthony's Hospital I believe. Also, you can do numerous pediatric electives at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Also, try Michael Reese Hospital. Wherever there is a peds residency program, I would suggest you do your rotations there.

    Hope this helps.
  9. butters's Avatar

    butters said:

    Pedes at JPH

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Roc View Post
    I was just wondering if anyone who did the peds rotation knows how the rotation shows up on your transcript does it say jackson park or the name of the clinic? I am going to applying for a peds residency and I wanted to know if doing an out pt thing would hurt my chances of getting a good residency. I also was wondering if anyone could tell me more about the rotation about the hours and if you get to go to the hospital at all. Is it necessary to have a car? does anyone know of cheap housing in the area for 6 weeks because I have an apt in NY I have to pay for as well? Some how this is the only rotation ross has available for peds before oct 29th of 2007 which would make it impossible to sent out my applications on time. Thanks so much.. hope everyone's rotations are going well.

    Outpatient pedes at JPH is actually not even near JPH. It is in Joliet, a suburb about 40 min away from where JPH is located. I'm not sure if things have changed, but I've heard that you don't get to do much.

    Like the above poster said, try to get your Pedes at St. Anthony's in Chicago. It is a much nicer hospital and has taken more Ross students into its program.
  10. salbhore said:
    I'm planning tgo do rotations at jackson Park and want to know who's Dr k and Dr S as they take studednts from any school Pls guide me who arranges these rotations
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