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**Post "What Are My Chances?" Here ONLY**

Thread: **Post "What Are My Chances?" Here ONLY**

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  1. crystal's Avatar

    crystal said:

    **Post "What Are My Chances?" Here ONLY**

    What are the chances of being accepted once invited for an interview?
    My interview is next week. Thank you!
  2. MitchDC said:

    It depends

    Crystal, I know this is intuitive, but your chances still greatly depend on several factors:

    1) Academic history (GPA, degree, courses taken, MCAT)
    2) Health Care experience (physician shadowing, patient interaction, any?)
    3) Your personality, your essay and your ability to form an intelligent personal statement

    4) Personal achievements, accomplishments
    5) Your perceived ability to make it through the program

    After the interview your files is sent down to Dominica to be reviewed by the admissions committee here. This group of faculty and administration review all of the information in your application, your transcripts, and your interview letter to determine whether you will make it here at Ross and as a physician.

    Without knowing any of your other information, it really is impossible to give you any idea about your chances. Clearly though, you have a better chance now than you did before you were invited for an interview.

    Hope this helps at least a little.

    RUSM 2006 Graduate
  3. crystal's Avatar

    crystal said:

    Thanks Mitch! Here's my info.

    Thank you! I will try to summarize as much as possible.
    Overall GPA is 3.O, Science GPA is 3.8, Post Grad GPA is also 3.8. MCAT has been taken, but is low.

    Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (Completed B.A. and graduated Cum Laude).

    Then decided to pursue medicine. Went back to school.
    Relevant Courses Taken: Physics 1 and 2, Gen. Chem. 1 and 2, Animal Biology, Organic Chem. 1 and 2, Human Anatomy and Phys., Vertebrate Anat. and Pys. All contained lab courses.

    Volunteer at Level One Trauma Center for 2 years. Worked at a med. clinic assisting physicians in conducting pharmaceudical studies. This all includes physcian shadowing and patient interaction.

    Personal Achievements: Taught English at the high school level, and currently teach Compartive Anatomy and Physiology at the high school level. ( I also coach basketball, on the literacy committee, disciplinary committee, sophomore class advisor, Students Against Destructive Decisions advisor etc...)

    Personality: I do well with interviews and enjoy meeting new people. Personal history statement seemed O.K. I had several people read and critique it.

    Does this sound O.K.? What should be my biggest selling point in the interview? I would appreciate your advice.
    Thank You
  4. futurestudentmay03 said:


    from your description of yourself, you will definitely get into Ross and any other Carib Med School.
  5. julian187 said:

    admission high mcat low gpa

    what are my chances of admission into ross with a 30 mcat and a 3.0 gpa overall but about 2.7 in sciences.
  6. KDog said:

    something to consider.

    Now here is a case where I think you should consider upgrading a few science courses to boost your overall GPA and science GPA. With a 30 MCAT this should give you a good chance for a US school
  7. DrLeopardshark said:


    Yes, I would postpone your island adventure to increase your science GPA. A 30 on the MCAT is good enough to get into a US School. Apply broadly, and don't be picky. Beggars can't be choosers. If it fails within a year, then come on down.

    Good Luck.
  8. none4now said:


    You chances are good. But they are correct if you can boost your GPA to a 3.5 you have a shot in a US School. If you don't want to wait another year or two then come here.
  9. singer said:

    another four years


    In order to boost a gpa from 3.0 to 3.5 would require another three to four years of college or graduate school. Don't waste the years of your life and not be sure you will even get into a US medical school.

    Investigate altenatives such as SGU, ROSS,AUC.
    When you become my age you will realize all of the hard work and studying was worth the effort.
    "60 years young" another 60 to go if my doctor sons keep me alive with free prescriptions!!
  10. 2ndyear said:

    apply now

    This individual has a 2.7 science gpa. It will take years, if at all possible, to increase his/her gpa to a 3.5. Even with a 4.0 in graduate schools, any us admission commitee will still look at the applicant's undergraduate grades. There are lots of applicants with phenomenal grades applying to stateside schools everyyear and unfortunately, without special circumstances, this individual will get pass over everytime. Going to medical schools like RUSM is the price most of us have to pay for enjoying our 'youths' too much. It is still baffling to me why there are so many cocky individuals at Ross. oh well....
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