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Chances - (sorry didn't find an official thread for this)

Thread: Chances - (sorry didn't find an official thread for this)

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  1. JohnDoe66 said:

    Question Chances - (sorry didn't find an official thread for this)

    Hey Everyone,

    I graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 2006 w/ a 2.23 - never took a "health science/pre-med" class, and got a B in Calc I - (my family owns a software company so I had a guaranteed job regardless of GPA - like anyone will tell you - on the job experience is all that matters - so I got my C's and got out).

    I have been exploring medical school - and have taken my post bacc classes in a self structured program (much cheaper). I haven't found it all that difficult, - I have taken Bio I&II, Physics I&II, Gen Chem I&II w/ O-chem and Inorganic still to go. I have gotten A's in everything so far -(but I heard O-chem and Inorganic are beasts all in themselves).

    I have contacted ROSS - and have gotten the usual generic response "we look at the entire application not just GPA and MCAT scores" - a great way to collect application fee's from people who have no shot (myself possibly included!).

    I haven't really looked over MCAT as of yet, because I want to understand the material before I try and confuse myself. Im going to devote at least 3 months full time to studying + probably get a private tutor.

    So as it looks right now i`ll have a
    UGPA: 2.23
    Post Bacc Science GPA: 3.75 - 4.0
    MCAT: ??
    1 month total medical related volunteer work in India --- & 50+ hours to date weekend volunteering as an emergency room aid in a downtown Chicago hospital (lets just say, I have seen my fair share of gunshot/stab/beating victims).

    So... judging by my UGPA + and Post Bacc GPA -- what would I need to score on the MCAT to have a chance at ROSS?
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  2. jcu's Avatar

    jcu said:
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    Mid to high 20s on the MCAT. Prereq's are becoming more rigorous over the years. Though if I were you man, I'd take that CS job, make 6 figures, and maintain your sanity.
  3. JohnDoe66 said:
    jcu - thanks for the advice.

    So all I need (in theory) is a 27+ on the MCAT and i`d be fine? Do you suggest I take higher level pre-reqs (i.e Micro, Bio-Chem, Genetics)??

    And, I do have the 6 figure job now - but its only going to be around for another 5-7 years. The field is starting to get over saturated, mostly by Indian IT grads (most with Masters Degrees) that flock to America by thousands and happily work 12 hours a day- 7 days a week for 40k a year on a H1 Visa - and I have the horrible distinction of being their project manager. (We have 100 or so working for us now).

    I have really formed a strong dislike for these individuals (and I`m Indian myself). They have driven the market demand down the tubes.
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  4. islandthrift said:
    Duplicate thread

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