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How to Pass Comp?

Thread: How to Pass Comp?

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  1. tryingcomp said:

    How to Pass Comp?

    Hey everyone!

    So I am soon going to be writing my comp exam for the second time in about a months time. Kinda stressing out. Last attempt I got a 59 and I need a 68 to pass. I thought I had studied a lot for the 1st attempt, but obviously was not enough. I was wondering if someone could give some suggestions on how to get a decent score.
    I was thinking Read FA, watch SketchyMicro (+some Pharm), Pathoma, and do Uworld questions. I have the kaplan books as well, but I don't think I have enough time to review them all.
    Any suggestions?
  2. caribbeanmedicalschools said:
    First of all don't stress out. You have more than enough time to study for the exam. Take a paper out and write down the things you did wrong previously and try not to do them this time. FA, Sketchy, Pathoma and UWorld are enough. I don't think you will need Kaplan because I've always been a person who likes to study less resources. Also don't forget to give yourself time to repeat what you studied. 1-2 hours before sleeping time is great for that. Hope you will do well on your exam
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  3. tryingcomp said:
    Alright. Thanks for your well wishes!
  4. yasmindawson said:
    What school would you say you are as of now going to? The strategies with respect to the COMP fluctuate contingent upon the school. The WORST exhortation, now (and for an assortment of reasons), is consider exchange. Stick it out. Do what you are doing. Attempt to take a gander at the subjects you were frail on and concentrate on those. Furthermore, yes... questions, questions, questions! Make sense of why you got an inquiry wrong when you miss the point.
  5. medic300107's Avatar

    medic300107 said:
    First mistake, people who barely passed on the island think they can just review and pass the comp. You need to find the areas you didn't actually learn and learn those, then you can review them. I would make sure as you go through reviewing stuff you are getting right consistently stop reviewing that so much and focus more time on stuff you are getting wrong. Obviously high yield subjects and topics as well. Make sure to learn those cycles and pathways that are clinically relevant etc. Good luck!
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  6. LinkMD said:
    I would say use the same approach as most people use for step 1.... review First Aid multiple times + Uworld.

    Also when doing questions.. have it timed and try doing multiple blocks back-to-back to simulate test day.
  7. magnificentstars said:
    The only tip to passing any test is to relax and stay focus during the exams.
  8. Trudy28 said:
    Agree with last point. When I am worried it doesn't come anything good.
  9. spudbunny said:
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