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Thread: Knoxville?

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  1. gfliptastic's Avatar

    gfliptastic said:


    I'm a Ross grad. Just wondering if anyone wants to chime in about what it's like being in Knoxville. It's most useful if you have experience in Dominica AND Knoxville.

    I personally think you lose the whole "whoa" factor (not wow) knowing that spending 16 months in a Caribbean pseudo (or actual) 3rd world country and make it out unscathed is pretty awesome. Especially when I talk to Rossies before me, who were there long before the IGA was made. Something about basically "forced resilience" is really useful to draw energy from in residency. Every single person I know who has made it through the entire process tells me they agree.

    Anyways, any 4th semester? Which I think includes Dominica, the boat school, and Knoxville? Any info?
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  2. YZF600 said:
    Hey man I remember your name from the old days on this forum. Congrats on finishing, I just graduated residency as well!
    I can't believe this Knoxville thing... I wonder if Ross will ever go back to the island? (I feel bad for the loss to the economy of dominica if true... what will they do with the campus??) And can you imagine if Ross becomes US accredited? Haha... back in the day when I was so scared about being an IMG and getting a residency spot... being a USG would've made me feel a lot more secure!!

    Take care
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    medic300107 said:
    I don't see Ross being able to stay in the US long term. Their charter is through the country of Dominica. Would have to apply for LCME accreditation to be a US school. I just don't see that being feasible for them.
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  4. Doc Mobile said:
    Hmm, been off their island for 1.5 years already? As long as they don’t meet in hotel conference rooms! That seems to be particularly offensive to ECFMG. What is USAT?
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