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Wedding advice? - Hear me out

Thread: Wedding advice? - Hear me out

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  1. lapremed678 said:

    Wedding advice? - Hear me out

    Hello! I知 a prospective med student who will be starting my first semester at Ross in January 2019. I am getting engaged soon and want to start trying to figure out possible wedding dates. I知 not really sure how the breaks work at Ross. Basically I知 asking, when would be the best time for a Ross student beginning in January 2019 to have a wedding?
  2. Atlantichater said:
    I would postpone getting married during and even before starting Ross University.

    But there's nothing wrong about getting engaged.

    Getting married during school puts you at a huge disadvantage while in school.

    You have no income while in school unless you worked before and saved at least $150K -200K for living expenses that can help support you and your future spouse for 4 miserable years.

    If your spouse has a good job or career on the US mainland, forget about having him/her move to Barbados for 2 years and lose that job/career opportunity.

    Then there's the uncertainty of whether or not you will match into a residency program 4 years from now.

    There's a lot of ifs.

    You and your future spouse need to discuss this seriously before going to Ross.

    It's not the same as being a medical student in a US medical school where getting a residency training position is pretty much a guarantee and your spouse would be able to work in the US and in the same city where this school is located.
  3. medic300107's Avatar

    medic300107 said:
    Honestly the school will have breaks scheduled decently well ahead of time. Usually 2 weeks off between Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall semesters. 3 weeks off over Winter break. I would agree that a spouse getting a work visa in a foreign country is not that easy. Barbados is a big unknown because no international med schools have been on that island before. It would suck to be married and separated. That being said if you save what you can now and have a limited wedding (or if you have family help) you can still get married during that break. Just know there is a lot of work to plan a wedding and being a med student you will want to focus on school. I would never say don't do it but make sure you know what you're getting into before hand.
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  4. agsince78 said:
    I have heard schools like AUC, Ross and AUA have 17 to 19 credits per semester versus 30+ credits at saba and MUA. Can someone comment on that
  5. lapremed678 said:
    Thank you for your replies! What if I were to plan to have the wedding after finishing basic sciences? Would it be possible? Or will I be too busy with step 1 and IMF?
  6. Atlantichater said:
    You are old enough to figure it out for yourself.

    Do what feels right for you.

    You don't need our permission or advice.

    Just focus on yourself and your fiance and forget about everyone else.
  7. lapremed678 said:
    Oh I know. Nothing is going to talk me out of getting married. I'm not asking for permission at all. I more so just wanted help figuring out when I should have the wedding timeline wise.
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