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Failed 3C

Thread: Failed 3C

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  1. bubblez10 said:

    Failed 3C

    Hi, I recently failed the 3C semester at Ross med school and have been really worried about repeating and making the same mistakes again. I failed one mpel but the rest of my grades were great but now I have to repeat the entire sem. Iím sad about repeating because everyone else around me moved on and I got left behind (even though a lot of them only just made it through, I sadly didnít). Iím worried about how the following semesters are only going to be tougher and I donít want to fail then and get dismissed. Iím scared of having to do another 4 months by myself as everyone will have moved on at some point. Iím praying to not make the same mistakes I made and pass this time around. Iíve been tearful, feeling hopeless, nervous, scared, embarrassed, left behind, and a whole lot more.

    Just posting on here to see if anyone else has been in my shoes and made it out alive and well, or any words of wisdom anyone has to offer.
  2. Doc Mobile said:
    Talk to your school about it, what is their position? If they are doing an extended ďweed outĒ, you may experience more of the same thing going forward. If they say, ďoh well, try harderĒor ďmaybe this isnít for youĒ thereís little interest in you as an individual. Medicine is difficult anywhere. Itís more about studying the right things for a particular exam in your place. Later, when you are prepping for boards, you will need to know everything. You must change your strategy, thatís how to avoid a repeat of the same. Dont quit, study smarter not harder. Best wishes.
  3. ill be a doc soon said:
    Which subject did you fail?
  4. bubblez10 said:
    Microbiology. Fell short by 2%
  5. medic300107's Avatar

    medic300107 said:
    You wouldn't be the first to fail a semester and graduate. Keep studying and know that you can still do well overall and match. You will have to do very well on USMLE though to make up for it if you want a competitive specialty.
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