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Ross University School of Medicine. HELP!!!!

Thread: Ross University School of Medicine. HELP!!!!

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  1. md_tabakhi said:

    Ross University School of Medicine. HELP!!!!

    Hi guys, Iím new here and I wa planning on applying to Ross for the January term. However, Iím a little worried. I have a 3.0 overall gpa however I received a D in calculus and a D in organic chemistry lab. I did get a 504 on my mcat and I have 2 years experience as an MA along with research volunteering etc..the only thing Iím really worried about are those two Dís. I really donít want to retake the classes because I am working a lot to pay bills around the house since my father is very sick. Would you guys think Iíll be okay to apply to Ross or will they not accept me?
  2. Jasher said:
    Call and ask them. Some schools give stronger consideration to where you went to college. For example, a 3.0 at Harvard or University of Pennsylvania typically means the student would perform much better at a lower tier school. this is because of the way 1st tier colleges, and in particular IVY league schools, test. If that's the case, certain schools may not view the D as being as detrimental to your's still not good, although it can mitigate or make a student's claim for why they received the D more legitimate. If Ross does not weigh the particular school, you may still not have a problem, but I don't know. You did well on the MCAT. The worst they can say is take the classes over again.
  3. medic300107's Avatar

    medic300107 said:
    I would strongly consider if this is the right time for medical school. If your home obligations aren't in order or you are constantly worried it will add 100x more stress to an already immensely stressful situation. From the brief bit you told us I would postpone until then.
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