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Match 2019

Thread: Match 2019

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  1. Paleo2015's Avatar

    Paleo2015 said:

    Match 2019

    Graduated this year. Matched !!!
    Good luck everyone!
    Ross student and I Matched !!!!
  2. Thank You said:
    Thank you Value MD for an amazing journey !
    I am a mom who used this forum for so many years to collect info , to ensure that it is okay to give it another chance and try Ross for my son's medical career.
    And it worked !! I am so grateful that he is a Ross graduate and soon to start his residency. And yes, he also matched and we are so proud of him!
    Than You Ross and thank you Value MD for the moral support throughout the years !
  3. medic300107's Avatar

    medic300107 said:
    Congrats to those who are starting the next part of their journey!
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    Ross Forum Moderator/Supermedic Moderator - Board Certified EM
  4. dark_sun's Avatar

    dark_sun said:
    thank you for the information
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