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Anyone here studying at Medical Institute,O.S.H State University ?

Thread: Anyone here studying at Medical Institute,O.S.H State University ?

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  1. doctor007 said:

    Question Anyone here studying at Medical Institute,O.S.H State University ?

    Dear fellows,
    i have come to know about Medical Institute,O.S.H state University,kyrgyz Republic.
    anyone studying there,please post some information about i earlier told in the post,i am having problems with studies at Novossibirsk state medical university,Russia.
    will they accept my credit transfer,as i want to get admission in fourth year and i hav'nt exams and credits of some subjects.If anyone have information about it,please post,and whom to contact ? will be better for me at O.S.H state university ?
    waiting for your reply posts.
  2. hassan ali said:

    Talking my experience at O.S.H state University

    I studied there during 2004/2005.I found it a good place.I am sure,they will accept you as credit transfer.there is Pakistani guy,coordinator of the University for can contact him.He has very good relations with the administration.can say that he is all in all of the university.If he agrees to help you,then no problem at all.his name is Dr.Ahmed and his E-mail
    they have english medium program,However english is not of european standard.but not too bad.a cheap university and too cheap city.
    If you need any more info.don't hesitate to post questions,i will answer
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  3. peaceforall said:
    hassan ali are the professors good in osh and is it hard to study medicine there? thank you
  4. fabeduservices said:

    Osh is good but definitely not an European University. Krygyzstan is an Asia country. If you feel like transfering to an European country like Ukraine, you can contact me and all your credits will be transfered, I give you 90% on that, but you must pass all your Basic sciences courses.
    Waiting to hear from you.
  5. HengHeng Xing said:
    Excuse me, may I know the medical school fee in Ukraine for MBBS?
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